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We're a team of experts. Our process works and is informed by experience.

NEWBOOKS Solutions is one of the German publishing industry's leading software providers, developing solutions for all sectors of the publishing industry at a time of rapid transformation driven by digitization. The company is focused on developing and administering systems for publishers, booksellers, wholesalers and library suppliers in both the German and international markets.

The company was founded by Moritz Hodde in 2003 and quickly developed into one of the industry's leading providers of high-quality metadata and software solutions. Collaboration with the software provider iucon quickly led to development of a range of new title alerting services based on the NEWBOOKS Catalogue containing both German and English bibliographic data, an approval plan system for library suppliers, an industry-wide solution for the ONIX 3.0 import of title data and the new title announcement and ordering system «SARA» for Springer Nature.

In 2013 Moritz Hodde and Amr Osman founded NEWBOOKS Solutions together with Stefan Schwedt and Björn Stude. Since then the company has developed ground-breaking solutions for the industry such as VLB-TIX, the standard new title announcement service for the German-speaking publishing industry. With its ONIX 3.0 import and export systems NEWBOOKS Solutions has become one of the pioneers in the introduction and implementation of the book industry standard.

As an official service partner of MarkLogic, NEWBOOKS Solutions has been offering its customers implementation of NoSQL database projects since 2015. In June 2016 NEWBOOKS Solutions received the «MarkLogic Partner Excellence Award» in London. New services and products, e.g. Smart Data projects, Virtual Reality application development, and the new tool «Library Monitoring», complete NEWBOOKS' product range.



Andreas Jacobi

Head of Operations and Projects

Klaus-Peter Stegen

Partner & Senior Adviser

Kathrin Gering

Sales Director

Michael Lechler

Sales Manager

Marcel Nieuwenhuis

International Sales

Paul Osborn

International Client Relations

Elke Röhle

Key Account Management

Björn Stude

CIO/Database Development

Stefan Schwedt

CIO/Web Engineering

Oliver Haase-Lobinger

Creative Director / Web Development

Benjamin Bell

Head of Editorial Team

Martin Richard

Head of editorial team Law/Business & Management