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By merging the development and management of data optimization, IT processes and marketing you’ll be working efficiently and gaining maximum visibility for your products - thus ensuring the best possible coverage of the book trade and the end consumer market. So what are the measures most likely to promote the automated provision of first class metadata as well as a data-driven marketing model that’s based on fully optimized data management?

We provide publishers with consultation and support on all aspects of metadata management – on the data enrichment side through our classification service, keyword indexing and on the software side through tried and tested tools for managing ONIX data exchange, monitoring key book trade platforms as well as automated newsletter-based marketing and first class website solutions.

1. Classification and keyword indexing

2. Listing in the NEWBOOKS title database

3. Automated VLB title announcements and monitoring

4. Marketing automation via publisher newsletters and websites

5. ONIX tools for professional metadata management

6. IT consulting, metadata and ONIX training

Metadata ManagementPfor Publishers Editorial Services, ONIX-Compatible Clearing Centre & Export Facility

Whether metadata for print media or for eBooks, administering and distributing bibliographic metadata can be a complex task. You can simplify and automate this process with our web-based Metadata Management and Distribution System. NEWBOOKS’ system features ergonomic maintenance of metadata and a modular approach offering choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive modules to best fit your needs.

Bibliographic metadata and additional texts are stored centrally and delivered to all metadata recipients worldwide automatically, accurately and on time in the recipients’ preferred formats and classifications. All standard formats and proprietary formats, as well as all standard classifications and proprietary classifications, are generated on the fly:

International Formats for the Book Industry & Libraries

  • ONIX versions 2.1 & 3.0 (parallel processing)
  • MARC
  • MAB
  • EditX
  • Amazon and aggregators’ formats

International Classification Systems for the Book Industry

  • BIC
  • THEMA (new since January 2014)
  • Standardized Keyword Indexing according to manual classifications

International Classification Schemes for Libraries

  • Library of Congress Classification (LCC)
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
  • Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)

Title Listing in NEWBOOKS Catalogue

Quality and comprehensive bibliographic information that is up-to-date is crucial to make titles discoverable. Better metadata could transform initial discovery into interest and further into a sale. The same metadata should also be usable for various other applications, resulting in cost-efficiency.

This is how we treat bibliographic metadata and the emphasis of our Title Listing service. This basic offering that also serves as the basis for numerous extended services is the foundation of your book marketing. Started with editorial processing, the bibliographic metadata of your publication program will be processed by our proficient editorial team, enriched and assigned to the accurate subject headings according to our standard classification scheme that has over 2,200 subject sub-categories and is compatible to thema, BIC, LCC and DDC. Your enriched title data will also be simultaneously added into our profile services, such as Approval Plans, Newsletters, Proposal Lists, Catalogue Raw Data Exports and Web Services. Hence, institutional customers of our partner booksellers will be fully informed of your new and backlist titles.

Basic Service

  • Editorial processing and enrichment of your title data: we make sure that your title contains all the required bibliographic data and includes all the crucial marketing-related metadata and cover images. 
  • Professional organization according to the BIC, thema, Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal Classification by our proficient editorial team assures that all your metadata recipients will get accurate information according to their specific interests. Additionally, your title data will be refined with relevant keywords. 
  • No further action is required on your part for automatic applications of your publication program. Institutional customers of our partner booksellers will receive the information about your new titles on a regular basis, timely and of course in an attractive design. All your current titles will be made available to our distribution partners as Catalogue Raw Data or in the form of Web Services.

Enhanced Services 

  • For ONIX-compatible data management, we offer you our Metadata Distribution System. The system will generate any desired formats for your metadata recipients automatically and send them to the standard catalogues such as VLB, book wholesalers etc. The accuracy of the processing by your metadata recipients can also be controlled automatically. A real effective tool to administer and control your metadata in ONIX-compatible systems. 
  • Your metadata are communicated to booksellers' regular customers by Alerting Services or Approval Plans. You can inform your direct customers in the form of an own Alerting Service as well or as Digital Preview in your corporate layout and manage it through a convenient online administration. 
  • Keyword Indexing: As our partner publisher you can retrieve your metadata with exact keywords. Marketing-to-the-point by accurate indexing, tagging of your website (SEO) and keyword list as a guideline for indexing by your editors.
  • A special opportunity is available for you to promote your titles to the Chinese Library Market through our Approval Plan System.

Metadata Distribution - Automatic Distribution of Bibliographic Data

  • Need automatic updates at Amazon, wholesalers, and other online booksellers?
  • Overwhelmed by inconsistent formats and standards?
  • Stay organized by administering your bibliographic metadata supply with us!

Increase your efficiencies by administering your bibliographic metadata supply in ONIX or any other desired format – through one clearing center and automatic export facility for all metadata recipients.

The regular sending of bibliographic data require considerable investment in terms of both time and efforts for publishers due to the large number of data formats. NEWBOOKS' Metadata Management automates the bibliographic metadata supply timely and accurately to all the major players in the book trade and other metadata recipients worldwide. Our system both simplifies and speeds up work processes. An efficient system is thus guaranteed providing substantial benefits for publishers.

Automatic export facility...

Once export profiles have been defined for metadata recipients via the online interface ‘Metadata Management,’ all these exports will run automatically. New and forthcoming titles, as well as incremental updates, are sent to wholesalers and online booksellers on a regular basis. All the relatively complicated tasks in title listing can effortlessly be performed using only a single system. all major players in the book trade

Bibliographic metadata are transmitted via FTP or e-mail in your desired standard format including ONIX, Excel, and also in non-standard formats to all your metadata recipients:

  • Amazon
  • Bowker
  • Nielsen BookData
  • …and many other metadata recipients

Subject-specific data supply

We also cater for any specific requirements of your metadata recipients by simply utilizing a subject selection from your complete directory. By setting up a subject-specific export you will be able to deliver only titles related to ‘Moral Philosophy’ for instance.

In order to provide data to Apple, Amazon & Co. standard classification schemes such as BIC and BISAC can be included along with the export. Please refer to the Bibliographic Classification page.

Quality Control

After supplying your bibliographic data our Metadata Monitoring service automatically checks for you how accurate your bibliographic data are being displayed at major sales platforms.

Metadata Monitoring - Monitoring of Bibliographic Data

  • Still doing time-consuming manual search for errors at booksellers' websites?
  • Want to have full control over bibliographic data with minimum administrative efforts?

Our Metadata Monitoring service allows you to maintain an overview of the display of your bibliographic information on major sales platforms such as and automatically verifies its accuracy and quality for you. If any discrepancies are found, our system will also resend all the necessary incremental updates automatically to your metadata recipients.

Metadata Enrichment - Subject Classification

  • International book industry classification: BIC, BISAC, THEMA – within ONIX or CSV/Excel files
  • International library classification: Library of Congress (LCC), Dewey Decimal (DDC) – within MARC 21 records
  • Seamless connection with the worldwide market
  • Better visibility for your titles through better discoverability of your metadata
  • Additional BIC-compatible Keyword Indexing – within ONIX, CSV/Excel or MARC 21 records

NEWBOOKS customers are prepared for the introduction of thema. Why? The new global classification scheme represents a subset of our finely structured classification scheme and thus mapping can simply be performed without extra effort.

In addition to THEMA and BIC codes customers can retrieve keywords from our database. The keywords are assigned to be in line with the new Subject Code Classification thema. This allows users to get access to such keywords that are in clear reference to the new and much more versatile cross-border trading system.

At single title level, this condition allows publishers to conveniently refer to both the thema & BIC classifications and the relevant keywords, enabling structured searches not only by subject area but also according to topics that in ideal case match the user searches 1:1.

Please get in contact to retrieve thema & BIC Codes from our database.


Metadata Enrichment - Keyword Indexing

  • Marketing-to-the-point by Subject-Specific Keyword Indexing
  • Information Services for Highly Specialised Customers & Target Groups
  • Keywords in line with New Global Subject Code Classification THEMA
  • Standardized Keyword Abstracting
  • Maximum Relevance of Assigned Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Tag Clouds

Designed to achieve accurate textual indexing of title data and significantly better search results, the keywords assigned are in line with the new International Subject Code Classification thema and BIC. This allows Booksellers to get access to such keywords that are in clear reference to the new and much more versatile cross-border trading system. At the single title level, booksellers can conveniently refer to both the thema/BIC subject areas and the relevant keywords according to topics.


We develop a list of possible keywords for each of over 2,200 subject sub-categories of the NEWBOOKS subject category tree. Each member of our editorial team maintains this list continuously on a daily basis and if necessary expands it to include new entries, such as when necessitated by new scientific trends. All keywords are retained both in German and in English.

This comprehensive list serves as the basis for our automatic keywording system. An algorithm, which is specially programmed for this purpose, assigns new keywords to each newly recorded title in our database by searching for bibliographic data, such as title and subtitle as well as additional texts of the title. Other metadata such as tables of contents and forewords in PDF format are also taken into account. To ensure the maximum relevance of the assigned keywords, the system will weight them according to number and place of occurrence.


Publishers: Give your editorial office clear guidelines for allocating the available keywords to organize your publication program even better.

Bookshop: Keywords with high relevance can facilitate your objective of meeting customer needs even more precisely. Customers from highly specialized areas of interest will particularly appreciate your improved service.

Libraries: By using our keywording service, librarians will no longer need to carry out the time-consuming evaluation of additional texts for subject indexing.

Before we started using NEWBOOKS' Book Trade Monitoring, it was almost impossible to get an overview of the international distribution due to our extensive number of publications.

Henning Schönenberger, Springer Nature

Having our metadata enriched with keywords by NEWBOOKS Solutions further refines and standardizes the extent to which our titles are indexed and hence significantly increases the discoverability of our titles.

J.B. Metzler/Springer Nature