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Transform data volume, variety and velocity into sound business decisions

Data is an increasingly important topic in the publishing business. In tough economic times, it’s becoming clear that companies risk self-destruction if their data isn‘t well maintained and more importantly if it can’t be deployed in an aggregated form.

Until recently many publishing and media companies have been completely unaware of the body of data they have at their disposal, let alone of how such data can be merged or what they can actually do with it. Our analysis addresses the following key questions: Where are the white fields and problem areas? Where are resources being squandered? Which KPIs actually help publishers to move forward? And what is the technology that best supports the realization of data aggregation projects?

Our Goal for Your Business

  • Make use of all data
  • Create transparency and insight
  • Allow for analysis and action
  • Turn identifiable opportunities and options into reality

Smart Data ProjectsPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersLfor LibrariesCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers From Data to Insight

  • Consulting on tailored-made design solutions for data storage and organization, based on the following question: "What specific forms of data diversity need to be organized and for which strategic objectives?"
  • Planning and implementation of smart data projects based on technology provided by our partner Mark Logic, whose high-performance NoSQL database solution makes the fast, efficient and affordable merging of your data possible
  • Custom-made analysis tools, publisher cockpits, and dashboards
  • Exclusive licensing terms, which we can offer as a leading partner of Mark Logic

Today’s publishers are faced with the challenge of having to quickly and efficiently structure and evaluate huge quantities of very diverse data – not least in order to enable marketing departments to develop a 360°approach to their customers, whether in the form of special analysis tools, publisher cockpits or dashboards.

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Relevance for my Business?Pfor Publishers

Maybe you have doubts about whether 'smart data' is sufficiently relevant to your day-to-day publishing business. These should quickly be dispelled by a cursory glance at a list of what many publishers supposedly "know about" but are unable to use for the purposes of strategic decision making and efficient marketing – all because their data has not been structured, networked and made available in a sufficiently dynamic way, e.g.

  • Title information
  • Unit sales/turnover
  • Customer data
  • End user data from direct business
  • Library data
  • Previous year, forecast and year-to-date sales
  • Medium-term planning data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Production costs
  • Royalty statements
  • Visits, clicks, contacts, calls from customers etc. for 360° analysis in CRM
  • Data analysis from market research companies and online vendors

The treasures to be unearthed are clearly evident in this abbreviated list, despite the fact that communication with end users and data diversity are only hinted at.  

What is clear is that for today’s media companies data is probably their most prized asset. It becomes productive through successful data integration, the optimization of editorial and content-generating processes and flexible communication with end users - which can of course, in turn, represent another and perhaps the most important source of new data. We’re convinced that the right data strategy and its professional implementation will in future decide whether a company can maintain and expand its position in the market.

SemanticsPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersLfor LibrariesCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers Create semantic inventories for the marketing of your content

  • Get Classifications and keywords automatically
  • QA through editorial process
  • Increase visibility in trade platforms and search engines
  • Utilization of the enriched content in publishing house
  • Create personalized recommendations

Publishers have valuable data: metadata, full texts, and usage data. NEWBOOKS has the technology and partner companies from the field of artificial intelligence to enrich your data semantically. As a result, you create added value for customers and your own business.


Our approach provides you with both automatic and semi-automatic methods for the production of

  • Keywords and classifications
  • Personalized recommendations

Our semantics tools analyze your content and recognize important keywords and topics in our NEWBOOKS index. As a result, structured, machine-readable data are generated from metadata and full texts.

Corporate suppliers

As a corporate customer, you are often confronted with the subject of knowledge management and / or uniform search through external catalogs and your own content / documents. With NEWBOOKS and its partners, you offer your corporate clients valuable expertise and implementation options on the following topics:

  • Uniforms Search & Generation of Theme Hubs (Machine Learning)
  • Analysis of corporate documents (e.g., writer's analysis)
  • Process optimization (uniform archiving and multiple use of content).