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These days, whenever the future of publishing and product promotion are discussed virtual reality (VR) is one of the topics most often mentioned. There’s a good reason for this. Barely another technological innovation appears so well suited to translating publishing’s two key goals - the telling of stories and the creation of unique experiences -.into state-of-the-art marketing.

NEWBOOKS Solutions provide VR solutions for a range of very different scenarios along with customized programming. The approach chosen in the context of the VLB-TIX system involved the customized programming of applications for a scenario that involved the wearing of 3D glasses.

Those publishers who prefer to impress customers with VR promotions on mobile devices can make use of the tried and tested and easy-to-implement solutions available from U.S. technology provider Hashplay, for whom NEWBOOKS Solutions is a licensed partner in the German-speaking countries. If required, NEWBOOKS can also handle the precise configuration and implementation of Hashplay applications.

360° Panorama of a Bookstore (Demo)



Oliver Haase-Lobinger

Creative Director / Web Development

Use CasesPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersLfor LibrariesCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers

  • VR Websites
  • Virtual bookstore worldwide
  • Education in school or at home
  • Your virtual stand for fairs and exhibitions

Weitere Nutzungsmöglichkeiten für Verlage und Buchhandlungen

  • Reiseführer: Mit einem virtuellen Reiseführer können gefahrlos Städte besucht werden.
  • Empfehlungen: Sie stehen in Ihrem Hotelzimmer oder Schiffskabine, die sie buchen wollen. 
  • Museumsführer: Sie besuchen Museen an jedem Ort der Welt.
  • Virtuelle Erfahrung: Die Antarktis und der Dschungel, der Himalaya und die Wüste stehen Ihnen offen.
  • Kinder in Ihrem eigenen Buch: Ihre Bilderbücher werden visualisiert und als neues, erweiterndes Produkt wahrgenommen.
  • Mit AR arbeiten: Operationen können simuliert und geübt werden
    • Mediziner werden mit AR unterstützt und ausgebildet.
    • 3D Sehen von Scans wird möglich.
    • In der Behandlung, Rehabilitation und zur Diagnose eingesetzt, unterstützt AR den Arzt.
  • u.v.m.

Wir begleiten unsere Kunden bei der Individualisierung ihrer Hashplay-Anwendungen in jedem gewünschten Umfang.

Oliver Haase-Lobinger, Kreativ-Direktor/Web­entwicklung

VR Software HashplayPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersLfor LibrariesCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers VR implementation that doesn’t require programming skills

Consultancy, conception and the implementation of VR marketing projects are now all part of the range of services offered by NEWBOOKS Solutions. As well as being able to draw on the expertise of the NEWBOOKS team customers can also benefit from tried and tested software in the form of Hashplay VR.

As the licensed partner of the US technology provider Hashplay for the German-speaking media and publishing industry, NEWBOOKS can provide customers with integrated VR solutions that can be quickly implemented. Under the arrangement, NEWBOOKS handles the coordination processes at B2B level as well as all of the project management.

And what role does Hashplay VR play? The company provides a platform that offers outstanding usability for developing VR presentations in settings such as shops, product promotions or 360° environments. These presentations can then be made available on any mobile or pre-installed platform – and without the need for any app development! They can also be easily channeled to the desired target groups in the form of links, thereby promoting a publisher’s products in an emotionally appealing way.

"We support our customers in customizing their Hashplay applications to whatever extent necessary," says Oliver Haase-Lobinger, Creative Director, and Web Developer at NEWBOOKS Solutions, adding, "We’re convinced that marketing media products without the use of VR applications will pretty soon be completely unimaginable".



Klaus-Peter Stegen

Partner & Senior Adviser