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The Book Industry's B2B Platform

Across the publishing industry the main subject of conversation is digitization and how to trigger buying decisions by customers. However our all-important customers are always a step ahead. They already function in a digitally mediated world and what they require and demand from booksellers and publishers is increasingly drawn from the way they experience that world. And that’s what’s so exciting: this is not only relevant in the context of a bookseller’s or publisher’s online presence but even more so in the context of how individual customers are advised.

No matter what recommendations they give they will always be competing with the algorithms used by major online booksellers, as well as with their customers’ competence as internet users – regardless of whether or not they or their customers are aware of it.

“A man cannot inquire either about what he knows or about what he does not know. For he cannot inquire about what he knows, because he knows it, and in that case is in no need of inquiry; nor again can he inquire about what he does not know, since he does not know about what he is to inquire.”
– Platon, Menon 80e

Industry SolutionPfor PublishersBfor Booksellers Widest possible distribution for new and forthcoming titles in the German-speaking market

Benefits for Publishers

  • Individual representation of own brand
  • Targets specific audiences and reaches more potential buyers
  • Enrichment with extra marketing information for each title 
  • Saves catalogue production costs
  • Provides interfaces to the publisher’s content management systems
  • Widest possible distribution in the German-speaking market


Benefits for Booksellers

  • Setup of complex filters representing individual fields of interest
  • Booksellers receive title recommendations and updates that match their needs
  • Features wish lists, annotations, social media and chat functions
  • Time and efficiency savings through ERP connectability
  • NEWBOOKS and VLB databases ensure optimum data quality, including backlist
  • New title information always up to date
  • Additional services for bookseller's customers:
    Approval Plan System, eProcurement solutions and Alerting Services for library, corporate and end customers

The Story of Going Digital in the Book Market


The new title announcement service for the German publishing industry has been developed by NEWBOOKS Solutions together with MVB. VLB-TIX provides access to title data for all new publications and related backlist contained in the NEWBOOKS and VLB databases.

VLB-TIX is the platform for high quality, productive and up-to-the-minute communication about new books that goes way beyond title listings or printed previews. At the same time the system allows for the demand driven and targeted selection of new title announcements and provides a hitherto unknown abundance of information. VLB-TIX represents a leap forward in the quality of information passing between publishers, booksellers, journalists, bloggers, institutional customers (libraries and corporate customers) and readers and revolutionizes targeted purchasing in the new books jungle. 

The preview and ordering system streamlines the supply chain applying subject-specific acquisition profiles and top title criteria while being directly connected to key accounts' ERP systems. VLB-TIX' stock alignment will not only organise the distribution of your purchase recommendations more precisely, but also run backlist campaigns and generate in-depth statistical analysis as well as sales figures automatically.

MarkLogic World 2016: Take The Red Pill


«No other software house offers a comparable range of powerful modules for the presentation of new titles – from digital preview applications to new title alerts, webshops and complete approval plan and eProcurement systems.»

Ronald Schild, CEO of MVB

Complete InformationPfor PublishersBfor Booksellers

Only VLB-TIX contains new title announcements from all of the 21,000 publishers listed in the central German Book catalogues NEWBOOKS and VLB. This all encompassing selection provides the best possible overview of the market for booksellers, journalists, institutional customers (academic and corporate), bloggers and readers alike.

Every new title announced in these central book catalogues and all of the enhanced data contained in the NEWBOOKS database is automatically listed in VLB-TIX at no cost to the publisher.

Information QualityPfor PublishersBfor Booksellers

New titles can be superbly presented and displayed using VLB-TIX. While key metadata is provided by the NEWBOOKS and VLB databases, publishers can draw attention to individual titles by staging special presentations and inserting valuable supplementary information. Backlist titles, e.g. special offers or benchmark titles, can also be presented alongside new announcements. All of these features serve to enhance a title’s visibility, thus enabling it to be precisely classified and evaluated.

In Cooperation with

Market CoveragePfor PublishersBfor Booksellers

The basic version of VLB-TIX is free of charge to booksellers, journalists, bloggers and readers. Because it is linked to the VLB, VLB-TIX will reach many thousands of booksellers and leading opinion formers in the German speaking countries.

When it comes to providing complete and targeted new title information VLB-TIX is therefore set to become the communications tool of choice for German booksellers and publishers.

UsabilityPfor PublishersBfor Booksellers

User friendly design and the creation of an intuitive user interface for the various target groups represent an essential part of the development of VLB-TIX. The display of bibliographic data, key words, table of contents, detailed displays, text excerpts and author information provides users with an instant overview of titles that may be of interest as well as the chance to add their own comments.

Interactive features, such as sharing comments and links or flagging titles on wishlists should trigger communication within organizations as well as between booksellers, publishers, journalists and end customers. Publishers can enrich their new title data by inserting book reviews, videos and marketing widgets while drawing special attention to planned promotions, key selling points as well as to related and benchmark titles.