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MarkLogic® is the world’s best database for integrating data from silos. MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform, and organizations around the world rely on it to integrate their most critical data and build innovative applications on a 360-degree view of that data. MarkLogic makes it easy to get data in and easy to get data out, and it is 100 percent trusted to run critical business operations. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, MarkLogic has offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.

NEWBOOKS Solutions is Services Partner of MarkLogic and was awarded with the Excellence Award in 2016. Based on the Enterprise NoSQL-database MarkLogic NEWBOOKS Solutions has developed the new title announcement service for the German publishing industry VLB-TIX - a platform that provides a high quality, efficient and up to date communications channel for making new book announcements. We also use MarkLogic as Basis for our Smart Data projects.



Hashplay’s unique infrastructure provides a network of seamlessly connected VR experiences that are based on either 360-degree image and video material or can be highly detailed photo-realistic interactive, real-time applications. All VR experiences can be updated online at any time by the exhibitor or the trade show company.

As certified partner of Hashplay for the German-speaking media and publishing industry we offer quick and easy implementation of VR applications, such as virtual fair stands/booths or virtual bookstores.


Publishers’ Forum

Over the last few years, the annual Publishers‘ Forum conference has developed into a stand-out industry event with more than 250 participants from publishing houses and service providers. The event offers a top-class, specialist program with hands-on workshops and seminars which communicate concepts and experiences in order to provide workable solutions to the challenges which have arisen as a result of digitization. In 2013, the Publishers’ Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2015, the company “The Publishers’ Forum GmbH” was established.

NEWBOOKS Solutions is sponsoring Publishers’ Forum. NEWBOOKS Solutions will add its expertise and proven solutions to the agenda. Our experience in key topics of the event, such as Smart Data, Artificial Intelligence and the shift to ONIX 3.0, can help change and re-shape the book and content business.

We look forward to the two-day conference which will provide strategic presentations and panel debates as orientation and workshops for practical implementation. Please find below a preview of the agenda and a first selection of key topics.

Preview of the agenda

  • «Next Tech Revolution»
    What will artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry 4.0 mean for the publishing industry?
  • «Authors»
    How can the fundamental relationship between author and publisher continue to succeed in the face of new competition?
  • «Copyright and Regulatory Policy»
    What concepts and models exist in Europe?
  • «Beyond the Book»
    How can publishers enhance the value they add and how can they implement these enhancements?
  • «Personalization, User Communities, New Partnerships»
    How and why is the current upheaval in "digital learning" relevant for every publisher?



print // communication design / corporate design / branding
web // dynamic and static websites / animation / video- & audiostreams
media // screendesign / av editing / dvd- & blu-ray-authoring

mindeffects built the and websites using the the Open Source Content Management System MODX.



Based in Frankfurt am Main, the „MVB Marketing und Verlagsservice des Deutschen Buchhandels GmbH″ is a subsidiary of German Publishers and Booksellers Association – the „Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels″. One of the MVB’s key products is the German central book catalog „VLB Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher″ to which you can subscribe through NEWBOOKS Solutions. Combined with NEWBOOKS Solutions’ own catalog customers can receive a complete metadata feed that includes nearly all titles published in the German-speaking countries.

The strategic partnership between NEWBOOKS Solutions and MVB is primarily aimed at developing essential software and IT solutions for a central bibliographic catalog which will contain more comprehensive and better enriched and classified bibliographic data.

As a software partner, our goal is to provide the book industry with considerably improved ONIX 3.0 metadata and corresponding customer information systems such as VLB-TIX including alerting services, approval plans, preview services and more. Through joint software development, we aim to make publishers’ metadata management more efficient and more consistent, while at the same time optimizing automated metadata control through monitoring procedures and plausibility checks.

As a partner of the MVB we are also responsible for providing individual IT solutions and consulting in areas such as the development of company websites and online shop solutions. Other joint projects currently being planned will provide automatic indexing based on full texts for Libreka, the MVB’s eBook hosting platform. As part of this project NEWBOOKS’ unique Keyword Indexing software will be used for subject-specific indexing of metadata and full texts. As a consequence, recipients of our catalog raw data will receive even more valuable metadata through the enrichment of keywords and standard classifications.

Our newly established strategic partnership brings us much closer to achieving our common goals: simplifying maintenance, precise classification and automated metadata distribution for our participating publishers on the one hand, while also offering improved possibilities and systems for utilizing the already enriched bibliographic information for more targeted customer information to our partners in the book trade.

  • ONIX 3.0 Solutions: ONIX 3.0 Key Features • Industry Standard ONIX Import System • ONIX Export System • Individual ONIX Interfaces • Format Converter • MARC 21, MARCXML • EDI, EditX • Library Monitoring
  • Metadata Services: Organization of Bibliographic Databases • All German Metadata: Comprehensive, Enriched & Timely Data • Subject Classification BIC, THEMA • Distribution of Data & Book Trade Monitoring
  • Web Development: Approval Plan System for Library Suppliers • Standard New Title Announcement Service VLB-TIX • New Title Service • Newsletter • Individual Websites/-Shops • White Label App
  • eProcurement Solutions: Optimized Catalogue Search • Single Sign-on • OCI, SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional • Alerting Service & Approval Plan • Market Place Integration (Ariba, Hubwoo) • Controlling & Statistics
  • Smart Data: Smart Data Projects: Consulting on Strategic Goals • Realization of Individual Tools: Publisher's Cockpits, Dashboards • 360°-Customer-View • MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database
  • Virtual Reality: Quick and Easy Implementation of VR Applications for Mobile Devices & Glasses • Hashplay Software • Customized VR-Programming • 3D-Customer Experience
  • VLB-TIX: Standard New Title Announcement Service for the German-speaking Publishing Industry • Software Development of VLB-TIX by NEWBOOKS Solutions • MarkLogic NoSQL Database



Literaturtest is a PR and Marketing agency based in Berlin delivering ideas, concepts, contents for the book and cultural industries as well as for academia and business. The agency was founded in 2000 by Mathias Voigt and Roland Große Holtforth who lead the company until today and are supported by an innovative and creative team. Literaturtest has first-class references in all areas.

Together with Literaturtest we offer press and PR work for publishers and other business enterprises as well as for scientific and cultural institutions, including writing and translating wide-ranging marketing-related texts, organizing events, developing and implementing promotional materials, conducting marketing activities and consulting services. 



SilkCode is located in Krefeld, Germany and founded by Marc Reemers. Reemers is also CEO of Reemers Publishing Services in Krefeld and supports publishing houses and enterprises in the realization of print and electronic productions for almost 30 years.

Together with SilkCode we offer our white label app NEWBOOKS eLibrary for the digital distribution of e-books and e-journals. We also offer an extensive aggregators platform for use by participating bookstores.