Publishers’ Forum 2017
Publishers' Forum 2017 on 24 and 25 April: Strategic Orientation – NEWBOOKS Solutions ONIX 3.0 workshop

The business segments and approaches in publishing companies are highly individual. But we can learn plenty about the current challenges and approaches to mastering them from one another.

The topics covered range range from future perspectives like artificial intelligence, machine learning or virtual reality and their immediate relevance for the publishing industry, to the current debates surrounding copyright or author and reader communities, to investment strategies in the area of rights management or the implementation of new standards (in a NEWBOOKS Solutions workshop focussing on ONIX 3.0).

This year's speakers include business leaders like Michael Tamblyn from the new Tolino partner Kobo or Angry Birds publisher Laura Nevanlinna; decision makers from leading publishing companies like Christian Schumacher-Gebler from Bonnier Deutschland or Mark van Mierle from Cornelsen; innovators and metadata specialists like Henning Schönenberger from SciGraph (Springer Nature) or Andreas von der Heydt from Amazon's Kindle Content; or experts with a flair for new methods of reaching readers like Sarah Mirschinka from Bastei Lübbe Digital or Michael Bhaskar, founder of the English digital publisher Canelo.

Over the course of two days in the heart of Berlin, you can review your personal plans and questions with high-caliber colleagues from every segment of the international publishing industry. Your exchanges are sure to offer new stimuli and allow you to reassess your own ideas.

As sponsoring partner NEWBOOKS Solutions will be represented by Amr Osman, Björn Stude and Andreas Jacobi, who will all be available to chat and answer your questions.

For further information regarding the speakers, subjects or news regarding the detailed agenda, please refer to the website and follow the conference on Twitter @publishersforum.

Register now using the online form.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!



Complete service for publishers
Metadata services and software. Visibility, automated marketing, broad coverage

By merging the development and management of data optimization, IT processes, and marketing you’ll be working efficiently and achieving a high level of visibility for your products.

Best possible coverage of the book trade and direct customers.

Which measures are most likely to encourage automated provision first class metadata as well as a data-driven marketing model based on optimized data management?

We provide publishers with consultation and support on all aspects of metadata management – on the data enrichment side through our classification service, title indexing and VLB Gold status management and on the software side with well-proven and popular tools for managing ONIX data exchange and monitoring key book trade platforms, as well automated newsletter- based marketing and first class website solutions.

  1. Classification and indexing, VLB Gold-Status
  2. Inclusion of titles in the NEWBOOKS database
  3. Automated VLB title announcements and monitoring
  4. Automated marketing through publisher newsletters and websites
  5. ONIX tools for professional metadata management
  6. IT consulting, metadata and ONIX training

Read more about efficient metadata management, precise classification, automated ONIX data exchange for versions 2.1 and 3.0 and targeted publisher newsletters and websites.

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future!publish Berlin
Smart Data Workshop at the future!publish 2017

Transform data volume, variety, and velocity into sound business decisions and effective customer communication. NEWBOOKS Solutions is organizing a Smart Data workshop at the future!publish.

Data is an increasingly important topic in the publishing business. In tough economic times, it’s becoming clear that companies risk self-destruction if their data isn‘t well maintained and more importantly if it can’t be deployed in an aggregated form.

Until recently many publishing and media companies have been completely unaware of the body of data they have at their disposal, let alone of how such data can be merged or what they can actually do with it. Our analysis addresses the following key questions: Where are the white fields and problem areas? Where are resources being squandered? Which KPIs actually help publishers to move forward? And what is the technology that best supports the realization of data projects?

Klaus-Peter Stegen and Stefan Schwedt will address these questions in a workshop on 27th of January at the future!publish congress in Berlin from 9.30 to 11.00 am.

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New Title Service for Publishers
Send new title alerts to customers using automatically generated newsletters

Based on regularly updated NEWBOOKS title data – benefit now from the NEWBOOKS new title service for publishers - includes full newsletter functionality!


  • Automatic delivery of new title data in your own corporate design
  • Targeted title announcements – based on thema or Newbooks classification.
  • Additional filter options: availability, language of publication, imprint, media type
  • Tailored to your publishing programme: create topic zones using the online admin tool.
  • Straightforward and seamless integration into your own website (newsletter delivery possible even if you have no online presence!)

Additional features

  • Easy-to-use customer administration tool - including an online reporting function
  • Add your own promotional texts and images - incl. scheduling feature 
  • Emailing campaigns feature: allows for the creation of standard templates and also includes an upload option for promoting individual titles
  • Admin by customer group: update customers according to target groups.
  • Build your own website: it’s even possible to adapt the new title service in order to create your own company website!

Interested? We’d be happy to make you an individual offer.

Kathrin Gering
Sales Manager
+49 221 2722991-70

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Publishers’ Forum 2017
NEWBOOKS Solutions is sponsoring Publishers’ Forum

The conference will cover the most important topics and debates in publishing in Berlin on 24 and 25 April. NEWBOOKS Solutions will add its expertise and proven solutions to the agenda.

Our experience in key topics of the event, such as Smart Data, Artificial Intelligence and the shift to ONIX 3.0, can help change and re-shape the book and content business.

We look forward to the two-day conference which will provide strategic presentations and panel debates as orientation and workshops for practical implementation. Please find below a preview of the agenda and a first selection of speakers.

Preview of the agenda

  • «Next Tech Revolution»
    What will artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry 4.0 mean for the publishing industry?
  • «Authors»
    How can the fundamental relationship between author and publisher continue to succeed in the face of new competition?
  • «Copyright and Regulatory Policy»
    What concepts and models exist in Europe?
  • «Beyond the Book»
    How can publishers enhance the value they add and how can they implement these enhancements?
  • «Personalization, User Communities, New Partnerships»
    How and why is the current upheaval in "digital learning" relevant for every publisher?


  • Zoë Beck (author / digital publisher "CulturBooks")
  • Michael Bhaskar (curation specialist, publisher, and founder of the digital publisher Canelo)
  • Michael Cairns (Information Media Partners; Member of the Editorial Board of the Publishers’ Forum)
  • Javier Celaya (DosDoce)
  • Benedikt Dalkman (in charge of establishing Bertelsmann Education Group)
  • Ehrhardt Heinold (Heinold, Spiller & Partner)
  • Michael Healy (Copyright Clearance Center)
  • Laura Nevanlinna (Kaiken Publishing / “Angry Birds”)
  • Joerg Pfuhl (Holtzbrinck Buchverlage)
  • Rüdiger Schmidt (Bosch-Druck / HP)
  • Ulrich Spiller (Werkstatt Verlagscockpit)
  • Andreas von der Heydt (Amazon Kindle Deutschland)
  • Aljoscha Walser (Narses)
  • Kate Worlock (Outsell)
  • and many others...

Detailed information on the speakers and an online registration form can be found at the conference website

Exciting venue

The event will take place at the dbb forum berlin – at the core of the bustling city, in busy Friedrichstrasse, with hotels of diverse categories in walking distance.

Early Bird discount only available for a few more days

The Early Bird discount ends on 15 February 2017. Registration at this attractive rate ranges from EUR 699.00 (for publishers) to EUR 949.00 (service providers), plus value-added tax. You save EUR 200.00 on the standard fee. Register now:


For more information please contact:

Rüdiger Wischenbart
Director Publishers‘ Forum
phone: +43 650 6615601


About the Publishers‘ Forum

Over the last few years, the annual Publishers‘ Forum conference has developed into a stand-out industry event with more than 250 participants from publishing houses and service providers.

The event offers a top-class, specialist program with hands-on workshops and seminars which communicate concepts and experiences in order to provide workable solutions to the challenges which have arisen as a result of digitization.

In 2013, the Publishers’ Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2015, the company “The Publishers’ Forum GmbH” was established.

Twitter: @publishersforum

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A New Books Catalogue in 3D
Experiencing and discovering books in a virtual world

A 3D new books catalog developed by NEWBOOKS Solutions CIO and iucon CEO Björn Stude provided visitors to the book fair with the unique experience of discovering books in a virtual world.

Media reaction was also enthusiastic with wide coverage, including a press release from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur and a book fair recommendation in the category, „Interactive experiences: 10 things that you should definitely do at the fair“, from national broadcaster ARD.

Here’s a brief overview of the coverage:

NEWBOOKS Solutions also provides virtual reality applications for mobile devices. As a licensed partner of U.S. technology provider Hashplay for the German-speaking media and publishing industry, NEWBOOKS can offer customers virtual reality solutions that can be implemented quickly.



MarkLogic User Group in Berlin
How to skip ETL processes and rapidly implement smart data projects with MarkLogic

Based on the example of VLB-TIX, NEWBOOKS Solutions demonstrate how to utilize very large quantities of disparate data at the MarkLogic User Group in Berlin.

Many companies in the publishing and media industry are faced with difficulties when it comes to using their entire data pool since that data is often dispersed within separate business units and data silos. In order to gain access to their information companies have to invest an enormous amount of time and money in ETL (extracting, transforming and loading) tools and must force their data into relational databases. The problem with this approach is that customers, business partners and employees expect accurate and up-to-date information in real-time and cannot wait months or years for laborious integration processes to be completed. According to Moritz Hodde, CEO of NEWBOOKS Solutions, "Publishers need to be able to use both their own and external data quickly, efficiently and flexibly, because results are required now and in real-time, while the challenges posed tomorrow may be very different".

It was against this backdrop that Stefan Schwedt, CIO of NEWBOOKS Solutions and CEO of technology partner iucon, presented the VLB-TIX smart data project at the MarkLogic users meeting on October 13, 2016 in Berlin and mapped out the best path for companies in the media and publishing sector to follow, when it comes to integrating and efficiently using large and disparate quantities of data. In doing so he drew structural comparisons between traditional relational ETL-based databases and MarkLogic's innovative, non-relational approach, which was an essential component in the successful implementation and adoption of VLB-TIX as the system of choice for bookstores in the German-speaking world.

Schwedt explained how, with the support of MarkLogic, the development team has been able to achieve and permanently maintain the immense level of processing power required to run VLB-TIX. According to Schwedt, the combination of approximately 2 million merged records from the VLB and the equally large NEWBOOKS database, plus around 200,000 incremental updates per day and 5,000 users, each of whom on average enters 5 different search profiles based on an average of 13 different filter types, amounts to 65,000,000,000, yes that’s 65 billion comparisons, on the database!

Software architecture of VLB-TIX: comparison between SQL and NoSQL-Architecture

Software architecture of VLB-TIX: Comparison between SQL and the actual NoSQL-Architecture

Given today’s technology and taking into account developments already in the pipeline such a volume of data can only be mapped using a NoSQL database. Furthermore, the diverse and often last-minute demands submitted by industry players could only be implemented, because in MarkLogic, who are the only company to have an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database, NEWBOOKS found a reliable and optimal alternative to decades-old relational database systems. MarkLogic offered the developers the necessary flexibility and scalability and, above all, what can genuinely be described as “agile application development" in terms of concepts and requirements. Supported by tried and tested features such as top level security certification and high availability, MarkLogic is the state-of-the-art database system for smart data projects.



Klaus-Peter Stegen
NEWBOOKS appoints Klaus-Peter Stegen as Senior Advisor for smart data projects

Klaus-Peter Stegen is to become Senior Advisor to publishing clients at NEWBOOKS Solutions and an additional partner in the company.

At the same time, the Cologne-based software and consultancy company will be broadening its portfolio to include the increasingly important fields of smart data and data aggregation.

Klaus-Peter Stegen was recently a board member at Klopotek AG and is one of the most highly respected experts in the publishing and services sector, especially in the fields of data management, organization, and evaluation. He will now be applying his expertise and many decades of experience in the industry to further developing NEWBOOKS Solutions.

The strategic thinking behind this high profile new appointment is centered especially around the Cologne-based company’s decision to strengthen its profile in the fields of smart data and data aggregation. Today publishers are often faced with the challenge of having to quickly and efficiently structure and evaluate huge quantities of very diverse data– not least in order to enable marketing departments to develop a 360°approach to their customers. Whether in the form of special analysis tools, publisher cockpits or dashboards it’s becoming increasingly important for publishers to find the right solutions for these evaluation and control functions in order to be successful. One of the common goals of NEWBOOKS Solutions and Klaus-Peter Stegen will be to develop this process of innovation according to customer requirements.

"We’re very fortunate that Klaus-Peter Stegen has decided to bring his exceptional expertise to NEWBOOKS Solutions – a decision which has also been the result of a gradual process. We’ve known and respected each other for many years, and now seemed the right time to apply our mutual regard to common projects and objectives," explains NEWBOOKS CEO Moritz Hodde.

Stefan Schwedt, Director for IT and Web Development at NEWBOOKS Solutions, adds: "We’re really looking forward to working with Klaus-Peter Stegen! After starting our partnership with MarkLogic in 2015, this will be another important step in our company’s development in the field of smart data. Today many publishers are asking themselves how they can effectively merge their data and use it successfully in communication. Together with Klaus-Peter Stegen our development team will provide tailor-made answers to precisely that question."

About NEWBOOKS Solutions

NEWBOOKS was founded by Moritz Hodde in 2003. The company quickly developed into one of the industry’s leading providers of high-quality metadata and IT services. Collaboration with the Hattingen-based software provider iucon quickly led to the development of a range of new title alerting services based on the NEWBOOKS catalog of scholarly and specialist books, an approval plan system for libraries, an industry-wide solution for the import of title data using ONIX 2.1 and the purchase and ordering system known as SARA.

In 2013 Moritz Hodde and Amr Osman founded NEWBOOKS Solutions GmbH together with Stefan Schwedt and Björn Stude, the managing directors of iucon. Since then the company has developed ground-breaking solutions for the industry such as VLB-TIX and together with MVB (a subsidiary of German Publishers & Booksellers Association) founded the joint ventures VLB-TIX and VLB-Services. With its import and export systems for ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 NEWBOOKS Solutions has become one of the pioneers in the introduction and implementation of the book industry standard.

As an official service partner of MarkLogic, NEWBOOKS Solutions has been offering its customers implementation of NoSQL database projects since 2015. In June 2016 NEWBOOKS Solutions received the „MarkLogic Partner Excellence Award“ in London.




Business Club, Ask the Expert
One-to-one consulting on Smart Data projects

Today’s publishers are faced with the challenge of having to quickly and efficiently structure and evaluate huge quantities of very diverse data - not least in order to enable marketing departments to develop a 360°approach to their customers.

For today’s media companies, data is an essential asset. From integrating data as part of the supply chain to the optimization of editorial and content-generating processes and the creation unique user experiences, the right data strategy can decide whether a company maintains its leading position or disappears from the radar. However, it’s not just internal data that needs to be part of such a strategy. The most innovative media players are looking beyond their own organizations in order to try and understand how their customers relate to their content and products. When it comes to creating fascinating immersive worlds, involving customers in order to gain a better understanding of user behavior, or harvesting their advertising value so as to build strong customer loyalty, a sound knowledge of the user environment is essential.

Stefan Schwedt and Moritz Hodde will be providing one-to-one consultancy on topics relevant to you. Pre-registration recommended. On-the-spot appointments possible subject to availability.

2016/10/20, 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm, hall 4.0 Business Club Meeting Area


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Business Club, Best Practice
MarkLogic and NEWBOOKS at the Business Club on Oct. 20th

At the Frankfurt Book Fair, NEWBOOKS Solutions and MarkLogic will be making joint presentations on new opportunities provided by MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database. As part of the “Best Practice” session, Matt Turner (CTO, MarkLogic) will be presenting on: "The secret of success? Get to know your customers".

  • „Best Practice: The secret of success? Get to know your customers“, Matt Turner, CTO MarkLogic
    11.00 – 11.30 / Hall 4.0: Stage
  • „Ask the expert“, Moritz Hodde (CEO) und Stefan Schwedt (CIO), NEWBOOKS Solutions
    16.00 – 17.30 / Hall 4.0: Meeting Area

If you have a ticket to the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club you can also attend our events there. Simply make an appointment or drop by our stand for a refreshing drink. You’ll find us in Hall 3.1 H65

We look forward to seeing you!

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