Smart software and high-quality catalogue data

Newbooks Solutions is one of the publishing industry's leading software providers and metadata vendors, developing systems and generating data at a time of rapid digital transformation. The company is focused on developing and administering systems for publishers, booksellers, wholesalers, ebook aggregators, library service providers and consortia in both, domestic and international markets.

Publishers come to Newbooks to ensure their publications are visible and discoverable across a wide range of markets. They retrieve enriched and comprehensive bibliographic data for their own purposes - be it the dissemination into relevant online booksellers' shops and multipliers like wholesalers' catalogues or be it for their own applications and infrastructure - for example for publishers' own eLibrary, web shop or metadata management system.

Moreover, their physical and digital output will be visible in Newbooks' own sales channel network of booksellers, library service providers and consortia: publications are being recommended for acquisition via approval plans, bibliographic library software, our eProcurement systems like e.g. (containing all Libri clients), thousands of new title alerts (newsletters), catalogue data exports and web services.

Library suppliers, corporate booksellers, library service providers and consortia benefit from our customisable systems, Approval Plan System, New Title Alerts as well as from our catalogues for books, online databases and journals.



Elke Röhle

Sales Director

Marcel Nieuwenhuis

International Sales Director

Benjamin Bell

Head of Editorial Team

Andreas Jacobi

Head of Operations and Projects

Martin Richard

Member of Editorial Team

Oliver Haase-Lobinger

Creative Director / Web Development