IT Consulting, Business Process Optimisation & Technical Support

The changes currently taking place in the publishing industry are having a far-reaching impact on the level of performance required of a company’s information technology. IT infrastructure is a key factor in all critical business processes for both publishers and booksellers, be it title data management, IT-based book and eBook production, the planning and documentation of marketing and sales activities or order processing and invoicing.

Without efficient interfaces to external technology providers and the smart integration of all internal IT systems it will hardly be possible to meet the demands arising from increasingly complex business processes.

We would be happy to support you in creating your overall, long-term IT strategy. Our goal is to develop the best possible IT environment together with your team and to directly apply the results in order to implement practical, business-friendly online models. It goes without saying that we’ll also be there to support you going forward, in order to make sure that your company is always equipped with up-to-date IT solutions that specifically suit the demands of your business.


Systems Process Optimisation

One of our greatest strengths is to combine our know-how in the fields of process design and media and IT technology with tried and tested business foresight. This means that we will always aim to find the best and most efficient way to make all of the IT components that affect your value chain interact as smoothly as possible. Improving system-based business processes saves time and money and at the same time improving customer-related business processes increases sales and turnover. This means that achieving your targets will become a far more realistic challenge and you will also gain a significant competitive advantage.

Process Analysis

Whatever ideas you may have, we’ll be happy to help you plan and design your projects both from a conceptional and practical viewpoint. Together with your project team we can take a close look at user scenarios and customer-related procedures, analyze and take into account the unique features of your particular business and carefully examine the systems interfaces both within your internal IT structure and with regard to external technology partners. A thorough appraisal of the current state of affairs and a clear breakdown of the resulting requirements can be followed by the development of hands-on solutions for immediate practical application, tailored precisely to your needs. We don’t stop at methodology and process design, but also provide advice and practical support when it comes to selecting and implementing the required technology.

Project Management

Many years of experience managing complex IT projects in the media industry allows us to successfully implement projects on schedule and within budget. From the definition of project goals to the planning of time, costs and manpower, risk management and project-related communication structures, through to overall project completion, we’d be glad to help. It’s up to you whether you require us as external project managers for an entire project or simply on demand in order to coordinate specific stages of a project, such as those that are particularly technology-dependent. Whether you require support in the form of interim management or could just do with a dose of independent consulting – we’re happy to adapt to your requirements. And of course we can be there to support you in the decision-making process and the assessment of requirements at anytime.


Nobody working for a publishing company or in the book trade can ignore the changes being brought about by digitisation, particularly those changes that bear any relation to the technology used in the industry. The demands in terms of professional knowledge and skills in a highly complex and ever more specialised environment are increasing on a daily basis. It has become essential to support professionals and managers in editorial departments, production, marketing, sales, account management and customer service and to actively ensure that they are kept well informed about the latest developments and debates within the industry. Only those who feel confident operating efficiently and constructively within the scope of their respective responsibilities and those capable of realistically assessing and increasing their own potential can and will be willing to support positive change throughout the company. We therefore also offer workshops, training and seminars on relevant topics such as metadata management, ONIX processing, eLibraries, online platforms and websites. We offer individually tailored in-house training based on your current requirements as well as open seminars organized in cooperation with the MVB marketing and publishing service of the Book Trade GmbH in Germany.