Achieving a high degree of visibility with optimum reach in trade, libraries and end-customer business are the results of a well-designed and collectively organised data management, IT processes and marketing strategy.

Which measures promote automated, standards-compliant metadata supply and a data-driven marketing model for optimal data maintenance?

At NEWBOOKS Solutions our aim is to help publishers in all aspects of metadata management: on the data enrichment side through our classification and keyword indexing services; while on the software side through automated marketing by integrating participating publishers' titles in Approval Plans,, New Title Alerts, Catalogue Data Exports and Web Services.

Metadata Services mean:

  • Better discoverability of your titles through high quality, complete and timely metadata
  • Optimum reach through title listing in our NEWBOOKS catalogues, closely connected to library and corporate booksellers' clients.

Integration of titles in NEWBOOKS Catalogues
Integration of New Titles in Approval Plans,, Newsletters, Catalogue Data Exports & Web Services
for Publishersfor Publishers

Catalogue data from Newbooks - comprehensively and precisely classified. This is quality with which we can score points with our customers!

Christoph Kaeder WebShop Manager
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Metadata quality is an issue of high strategic priority for us. In this context, the way in which NEWBOOKS enriches metadata for books, journals and online databases as well as prepares them for consistent and unified search adds significant value to our customer information and thus a sales relevant added value to us as a company.

Eckart Schlapp CEO
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  • Precise Classification


  • Keyword Indexing
    Higher visibility by using our subject-specific keyword index


  • Alerting Services
    Integration of title records in our SaaS solutions – used by corporate and library suppliers


  • Catalogue Data Exports and Web Services


  • Participating publishers
    retrieve classifications and keywords for their own use

Participating publishers let us integrate their title records into approval plans, bibliographic library software, our standard eProcurement system, thousands of newsletter alerting services and catalogue data exports for corporate and library suppliers.

Our cataloguing team adds subject classifications according to our highly differenciated classification scheme, containing over 2,500 subject areas. In addition, publishers’ metadata will be equipped with keywords to increase discoverability of each title.

Corporate and library suppliers as well as library service providers use our SaaS solutions to inform their B2B customers: corporate customers, libraries, public authorities, individual academics, scientists and professionals.

Subject Classification & Keyword Indexing
Best possible discoverability in trade and end-customer marketing
for Publishersfor Publishersfor Booksellersfor Booksellersfor Librariesfor Librariesfor Service Providersfor Service Providers


  • Best possible discoverability through professional classification and precise subject-specific keyword indexing


  • Better organisation in subject areas for trade and library partners


  • Interest-specific information for customers, through thematic profiles in New Title Alerts and Approval Plans

No matter how good a book actually is, it sells only if it is being found. This can be made possible with high quality and in-depth metadata. Thus, the quality, completeness and timeliness of your metadata determine whether your book title can be found at all and who finds it. Perhaps then metadata is the most vital instrument for publishers to win and steer their readers' attention. The same metadata should also be usable for various other applications, resulting in cost-efficiency.

An equally important marketing challenge is to strategically abstract and select keywords/metadata tags in your book metadata to achieve better results in the discoverability of your book. Our professional team of experts can help you in this respect so that your book will be found precisely for the subject areas and current topics you want it to be.

Table of Fees

Description of Service            Price per Title Duration  
Subject Classification (THEMA, BIC, BISAC) 2,50 € One-off (or yearly flatrate according to the estimated amount of new titles per year)  
Keyword Indexing (Subject-specific metadata tagging) 3,50 € One-off (or yearly flatrate according to the estimated amount of new titles per year)  

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