Approval Plan System
New and forthcoming publications for acquisition librarians
for Booksellersfor Booksellersfor Librariesfor Librariesfor Library Consortiafor Library Consortia


Generates new publication lists for all subjects areas, including sub-disciplines and interdisciplinary titles


Creates individual customer profiles and fully automatic or individually tailored Approval Plans


Sends search results directly to the library in the form of acquisition proposals


User interface branded with bookstore‘s own corporate design; a variety of hosting options


Tools for managing access rights, budgets and order reference administration


Automatic cross-matching with OPAC information through Z39.50/SRU interface


Generation of MARC 21 records


Synchronization and updating of data records via EDI & EditX

The NEWBOOKS Approval Plan System is a tool for providing institutional customers with precise and professionally selected new title announcements via your own front-end interface. Approval plans can be generated automatically or individually tailored to suit the customer’s requirements and title data can be drawn from any number of sources ranging from NEWBOOKS own catalogue to Nielsen, Libri, KNV or even from major international eBook aggregators.

The option to tailor each acquisition proposal individually ensures that you retain the ability to use your professional expertise in selecting titles for approval plan agreements. For less specific requirements you can also generate approval plans automatically, thereby saving time and costs. Hosting can be provided in different ways ranging from in-house to cloud solutions according to your own preferences.

The Approval Plan System, which can be branded with your bookstore’s own corporate design, enables libraries to order from you directly, as well as automatically cross matches your order proposals with the library’s holdings. Upon request, orders can be supplied to the customer together with bibliographic metadata in any desired library formats such as MARC 21.

Features in detail:

Front-end interface for library customers with your bookstore’s own corporate branding

The Approval Plan System enables subject librarians to easily edit your acquisition proposals, either in the form of lists or individually by title. Clearly organized and intuitively manageable selections respond to the input of data in real time and titles can be saved as favorites for ordering later. There’s a detailed page view summarizing all of the relevant information for each individual title. The use of color coding makes it easier to keep track of delivery and order status. A variety of filter options for processing subsets (e.g. “only titles from subject category X”) makes managing the acquisition procedure even easier. The front-end interface can be laid out and branded in line with the bookstore’s own corporate design.

Straightforward management of access rights, budgets and order references for subject librarians

The system also includes a management tool granting access rights to the different functions, such as “view only”, “order”, “forward”. The management of order procedures is made easier by an integrated order code administration tool for defining individual order codes, such as for individual cost centers. This additional information is passed on through the entire order process and is included in the delivery note and invoice to the customer. Furthermore, a librarian can define an acquisition budget which is then automatically reduced by the value of the titles placed in the shopping cart or those saved in the list of favorites. This feature enables your library customers to have full control over their purchase budgets at any given time.

Customer profiles for your main library contacts in the 'Approval Plan Profiler'

The individual Approval Plans created for your library customers are based on customer profiles defined in the 'Approval Plan Profiler'. Title acquisition proposals are compiled and sent out according to saved criteria, such as subject category, frequency of new proposals, product type and the inclusion or exclusion of individual publishers and/or series. Email notifications keep subject librarians informed of any new Approval Plans. In addition to individual profiling, it is also possible to generate “Standard Approval Plans” based on predetermined configurations which the customer can then edit – for example a monthly Approval Plan in the subject area of Philosophy including all sub-disciplines and interdisciplinary titles related to the subject. You can always choose between fully automatic Approval Plans and those that can be individually tailored.

Source data from all standard systems ensure a broad basis for your offers to libraries

As a minimum, the Approval Plan System contains at least all of the titles in the NEWBOOKS meta-database, all of which are professionally selected and enriched with classifications and additional information. Upon request, we can also provide access to other databases such as VLB, Nielsen BookData, KNV, or Libri. Licensing agreements with the individual providers would have to be made by the bookstore directly. In this way, your customers can search not only NEWBOOKS title data, but also all of the title data available in your own system, or even globally, in order to generate additional orders.

Automatic cross-matching with OPAC information through the Z39.50 standard interface

The system comes with a standard option to automatically cross-match acquisition proposals with a library’s OPAC with the help of the Z39.50 interface. This international interface is a common standard used by many libraries to help manage holdings. Librarians can exclude titles which are already part of their holdings from the Approval Plan or tag them as such. When ordering, there is an option to cross-match “live” one last time, in order to take into account titles that might have been purchased since the Approval Plan was first compiled and edited by the subject acquisition librarian.


Upon request, library customers can also receive bibliographic information on titles ordered in any desired standard library format such as the international standard MARC 21 or the still-in-use format MAB for the German-speaking countries.

Synchronization of data records via EDI & EditX – shopping cart data always up-to-date

The system also features an interface for automatic communication of status changes (such as availability updates) between the library and the bookseller’s inventory control. We normally use EDI as a standard tool for matching this information. The ordering process can be made easier with the help of an unlimited number of lists of favorites and shopping carts, all of which can be individually edited. The granting of access rights provides the necessary structure: a library can grant individual users access to shared shopping carts, depending for example on the subject area or hierarchy level. Shopping carts can be linked to order codes or cost centers. At the same time, titles are constantly cross-matched with the library’s holdings. The acquisition process remains transparent at all times: the customer can easily follow the internal steps leading up to the placing of the actual order as well as all external the steps leading up to order delivery.

New Title Newsletter
Complete information on new and forthcoming publications
for Publishersfor Publishersfor Booksellersfor Booksellersfor Librariesfor Librariesfor Library Consortiafor Library Consortia


New publications selected from more than 2,500 individually classified, highly specific subject categories


Easy to integrate on your website


Look & Feel in your own corporate design


Add additional information to use the alert as a newsletter tool


Easy-to-use administrative backend including usage reports

Tailor-made service!

Benefit from highly differentiated NEWBOOKS subject classification and provide your customers with relevant information on only those new and forthcoming titles that really interest them. Send either fully automatic or individually tailored new title alerts in the form of user-friendly text or HTML emails, designed to match your corporate branding.

The service is easy and straightforward to implement on your website and can be administered with the help of an easy-to-use online interface.


2,500 subject categories allow for accurate targeting

Conventional new title alerts often have one major disadvantage, namely a lack of accuracy when it comes to title selections. NEWBOOKS New Title Alerts are based on the NEWBOOKS subject category structure featuring more than 2,500 academic and professional subject areas which you can select and rearrange according to your needs. Once registered, subscribers can then generate their own title selections and choose the frequency of transmission for alerts, meaning they will only receive information on new titles that are of interest to them.

Newsletter subscriptions, customer registration and ordering – smoothly integrated into your own system and presented in your own corporate design

The service can be seamlessly integrated into your website with the help of a simple link (iframe) or via web service. Your customers register for their new title alert on your website, select their subject areas and can administer their own newsletter subscription. Without any further effort on your part, subscribers will then be regularly informed about all of the new and subject relevant publications that you have on offer. Orders can be placed directly via the respective links provided in each newsletter or through a corresponding landing page that we’d be happy to set up for you, and are then passed on directly to the user’s shopping cart. Should you require it, we can also set up a direct interface to your company’s own eProcurement system, making it even easier to process orders. Both as part of your website and also in your e-mailings, our service can be completely adapted to your own corporate design and branding, so that users will not be confused as to the main source of the information.

Individualized content provides more options to communicate with your customers

The service also provides you with the option to add additional news items to the alerts, such as information about upcoming events, special promotions or general company news. Such additional information can, of course, be adapted to match the subject selection for any given title alert. For example, you can make an announcement of your planned participation in a medical congress and send it to all the recipients of title alerts for medical publications. In this way, you can make efficient use of one of the most important communication channels in the marketing mix without any additional effort.

Easy-to-use online backend for subscription administration and mailing services

The online administration tool allows you to control all relevant settings, such as the subject category structure, filter options for publishers, language of publication, availability, product and media type as well as the administration of existing subscriptions in the context of your own customer relationship management, including the import and export of customer data in Excel format, all of which is possible without any additional software installation. You can also keep track of marketing mailings sent out in tandem with the new title alerts and benefit from common emailing features such as scheduling your send-outs in advance, image upload, targeting and serial letters. A reporting function is also included so that you can monitor things such as opening and click rates. The emailing functions allow for the implementation of serial emailing campaigns for the generation of new subscriptions and also for individually tailored marketing campaigns aimed at actively offering the service to your customers.

You would like to make even more of your cooperation with your library customers?

Compared to the NEWBOOKS New Title Alerts, the NEWBOOKS Approval Plan System allows you to go a step further and not only inform your customers about new titles but also provide them with detailed acquisition proposals based on customer profiles that you and your clients can design in close cooperation. Along with the delivery of the title data, your customers even have the option of receiving their data records in any desired library format (ONIX, CSV, library formats, MAB, MARC 21, EDIFACT, EditX etc.) and can benefit from many administration features that facilitate the ordering process.

Order Proposal Lists
Just-in-time delivery of order proposals by key account managers
for Publishersfor Publishersfor Booksellersfor Booksellersfor Librariesfor Librariesfor Library Consortiafor Library Consortia


Key account managers do their bibliography via a user-friendly web interface.


Selection of suitable titles using criteria such as subject search, publishers, publication date etc.


Order proposals are sent to individual customers in bookseller's corporate design.

The proposal list service is a very helpful tool for key account managers supporting the preparation of proposals for their regular customers. A web interface is available for title selections offering different criteria to create an individual list of titles. End customers can also be offered free access to the interface in order to download or directly order titles. 


1. Based on the thematic search a first search result is created by the key account manager. The web interface offers additional criteria (e.g. publication date, publisher, type of publication, distinctive title etc) to further narrow down the result. Then, either all or only selected titles are added to a proposal list. Each list can be completed by including titles from further search results.

2. It is now possible to edit the list. Titles can be revised, annotated individually or finally be deleted from the list.

3. Each key account manager can save their own cover letter in their personal profile – this adds a personal touch to mailings. Having chosen the format, filled in an e-mail address and subject matter, the list is then sent out to the end customer. Each list is also saved and can be retrieved through the interface.


Proposal lists are provided via the NEWBOOKS server in HTML or PDF format. Lists are always held in each suppliers corporate design. 


Booksellers, publishers and service providers can provide their own template or instruct NEWBOOKS to create a proposal list template in HTML or PDF format.

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