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By using ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server and NoSQL databases like MarkLogic, we create completely new platforms and websites which include editorial and news systems. In order to quickly access the wide product range of publishers and booksellers, the focus is on ergonomic navigation and optimized search.

Individual Websites & WebshopsPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersLfor LibrariesCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers Tailored and individually developed solutions

Publishers and booksellers often need special functions and high-quality websites which are tailored to their respective organizations and the presentation of their products. Therefore in addition to our consulting and the implementation of standard software, we offer tailored and individually developed solutions.

Especially for large websites, individual programming has almost become the rule lately. Existing workflows and current web applications are reviewed and, as part of the requirement analysis, redesigned and revised. Our solutions stand out due to their ease of use and target group-oriented processes. Customers value our personalized service and reliability as well as the use of the latest technologies that Microsoft has awarded us as an Independent Software Vendor with Gold Certification.

By using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, we create completely new websites which include editorial- and news systems. In order to quickly access the wide product range of publishers and booksellers, the focus is on ergonomic navigation and optimized search.

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White Label AppPfor PublishersBfor BooksellersCfor Corporate BusinessSfor Service Providers Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks and eJournals

  • eContent platform for publishers and booksellers – all added value stays with the publisher
  • Direct sales channel for electronic books and journals
  • More Webshop options to improve user experience and generate additional orders
  • Customized business models for digital content such as packages, bundling, rental options and flat-rate access
  • Low entry barrier for the digital market: PDF-based content management and delivery
  • Ready-to-use solution: Go-Live quickly with the help of standardized interfaces
  • Native apps for iOS and Android as well as browser-based applications
  • Easy access for clients and patrons
  • Built-in digital rights management (DRM)
  • Optimized reading mode for PDF content on all devices
  • Quick search by keyword based on highly specialized classification and tagging
  • Theme finder, annotation tools (text, image, audio), digital directories

A ready-to-use, white label solution for eBooks and eJournals, providing subject-specific apps and aggregated solutions for booksellers as well as individual solutions for publishers.

Leasing, flat-rate reading, and print/online bundles are all possible as well as sales of individual titles and packages.

LookUP! thema is available as a native app for iOS and Android and in a browser based version that connects to a webshop.

Straightforward implementation - PDFs still unrivaled for academic and professional titles

Academic books and scientific journals and a host of other specialist publications that fall outside the definition of trade books don’t normally work well as ePubs or Kindle eBooks unless heavily adapted. Firstly this is because the “reflowable” technology of these formats is not suited for sophisticated layouts featuring multiple columns, tables, and graphs. But it is also because Amazon, iBooks & Co. only offer shop solutions aimed at single users that do not include the sales models that specialized B2B target groups such as libraries, institutions, and companies require.

LookUP! thema now provides publishers with a low entry barrier solution for the digital market. All of a publisher’s titles can be hosted on the content platform and made available for distribution. This means that the publisher now has the opportunity to maintain and manage content and metadata, have titles classified according to globally recognized standards, distribute data to clients and distribution partners along with the appropriate data monitoring - and all of this under one roof.

LookUP! thema offers a customized user interface to accommodate each publisher’s individual corporate design and branding, with back-end procedures individually tailored to each client’s needs. The content is encoded/encrypted and is only accessible via LookUP! thema applications and with a valid username and password, which automatically caters for perfect Digital Rights Management.

The key format for the eLibrary is still the print PDF, which means there are no additional production procedures or costs. The publisher has full control over all of the processing, right up to the digital delivery of user-friendly reader versions of texts to the eLibrary applications for iOS, Android as well as to the browser-based applications for stationary devices.

Spoilt for Choice - New Business Models & Subject Clusters

The full-service solution focuses on opening up new sales opportunities for publishers. With the help of the eLibrary, completely new business models can now be brought within reach. Especially the option to distribute not only additional but also specifically electronic books and journals through the publisher’s web-shop will meet user expectations and lead to an increase in orders. Along with standard sales models such as individual sales, package sales and pick & choose options, LookUP! thema also allows for rental options, flat rate access models and the so-called bundling of print and online editions.

Automatically enriched with the NEWBOOKS title classification, all content is accessible by means of a precise subject search portal which makes it possible to offer books, journals and loose-leaf titles in the form of cross-disciplinary, highly specialized, individual subject clusters. On request, even subject packages containing material from different publishing houses can be made available especially to professionals as an attractive additional business model. An offer for the criminal lawyer or the engineer for wind energy technology can thus easily be labeled accordingly and made available as a package.

Backlist and journal archive offers from the publisher’s own online platform can be made available at much lower cost than via any other distribution channel.

New publications can be announced on the publisher’s online portal in the form of free extracts, and tools such as new publication newsletters make LookUP! thema of added value also for supporting marketing activities.

User Benefits - Optimized Search: Classification & Tagging

Users will benefit from many more features than they can normally expect from the common, but rather meager functionality of PDF reading tools, including high-performance search tools with a special focus on subject-based searches, text, image and audio annotation, online directories and a host of other features.

Our state-of-the-art solution for eBooks and eJournals is suitable for all publications available in PDF and epub format. All digital content will automatically be optimized for the user-friendly reader view available both on mobile and stationary devices.

The NEWBOOKS editorial department will classify, index and tag all publications and enrich all data hosted on the server with the relevant keywords. In addition, NEWBOOKS offers full-text indexing for all content. As a result, the content will be perfectly enabled for high-performance, cross-publication searches, thereby guaranteeing a user-friendly, quick search experience.

LookUP! thema is a ready-to-use content platform that offers publishers a straightforward solution while at the same time providing the high-quality standards that libraries and institutions, as well as readers of electronic books and journals, expect today.