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Publishers and booksellers often need special functions and high-quality websites which are tailored to their respective organizations and the presentation of their products. Therefore in addition to our consulting and the implementation of standard software, we offer tailored and individually developed solutions.

Especially for large websites, individual programming has almost become the rule lately. Existing workflows and current web applications are reviewed and, as part of the requirement analysis, redesigned and revised. Our solutions stand out due to their ease of use and target group-oriented processes. Customers value our personalized service and reliability as well as the use of the latest technologies that Microsoft has awarded us as an Independent Software Vendor with Gold Certification.

By using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, we create completely new websites which include editorial- and news systems. In order to quickly access the wide product range of publishers and booksellers, the focus is on ergonomic navigation and optimized search.

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Digital Catalogues
Efficient marketing for frontlist and backlist catalogues
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  • Organise customers in recipient groups
  • Customers can be part of several groups


  • Advanced search facility for allocating publications to catalogues
  • ISBN Upload 
  • Allocation of catalogues to predefined recipient groups


In the corporate design of publisher


  • Catalogues will be displayed as HTML email
  • Catalogues can be attached as PDF or Excel files
  • Catalogues can be shown as scrollable catalogues


  • Upload of static file attachments, e.g. remission conditions
  • Generation of dynamic file attachments, e.g. fax order forms


  • Arrange for the delivery of catalogues via calendar
  • Including a reminder feature

Order Process

  • Orders will be placed directly from the HTML email
  • EAN as a barcode in the FAX order form
  • Reporting facility

Up-to-date, subject specific, and in the format that your customers require: our marketing tool "Digital Catalogues" sends publishers‘ announcements as an e-mail or e-mail attachment directly to every buyer, journalist or customer. Customers can place their orders of new and forthcoming publications in the usual way.

The announcements are completed with additional preview information that is typical for catalogues such as fax order forms, delivery and remission conditions including EAN as barcodes. An online administration allows for searching and selecting publications for specific catalogues and the allocation of these catalogues with predefined recipient groups. Digital Catalogues are being sent in the corporate design of the respective publisher. 


  • Customer Administration: publishers create an account for preview recipients using the online administration interface. Recipients can be grouped together and be members of multiple groups. An initial import allows publishers to incorporate recipient master-data into the online administration.
  • Catalogues & Customisation: publishers can organise book announcements using a search function to select titles into their respective lists. In addition an ISBN upload is available. Each list of titles can then be assigned multiple groups of recipients and its own editorial text. A title list is usually provided with a delivery date (the first release and delivery interval).
  • Formats: previews can be delivered in popular formats. These include HTML e-mail, PDF/Excel file attachment, a leaf-through catalogue and even specialised library formats. You can be certain that recipients are up-to-date on your publications by providing them in the format of their choice.
  • Resubmission: title lists can be earmarked for resubmission. Each list is given a start date, a reminder interval and an e-mail address. File attachments can be added to any list:
    - Static File Attachments: publishers upload files to the online administration. These files are automatically attached to the e-mails sent with the title lists. A typical example of a static file attachment would be the Remission Conditions
    - Dynamic File Attachments: these attachments contain titles or information about the titles in a list. For example, a fax order form for retail customers sent as a PDF with a short list of titles.
  • Order Facility: in the HTML preview, the titles can be saved directly to a shopping cart. The dynamic attachment Fax Order Form contains the EAN of the title as a bar code.
  • Reporting: a reporting system provides the publisher with an overview of the delivered catalogues. This offers a detailed statistical analysis of individual recipients or specific publications.


  • Market your frontlist and backlist catalogues
  • Reduce costs for printed catalogues
  • Efficiently manage the sales and ordering process
  • Design: Strengthening publisher's brand

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