E-Procurement System for Booksellers

E-Procurement for Books, Subscriptions and Databases made easy

B2B Procurement. With booksellers offer their B2B clients a highly efficient system to buy, manage and use all the information products they need to make the right decisions in their job. provides seamless integration into the E-Procurement workflow of companies, major libraries, public authorities and government institutions. Databases, journals, newspapers, books, eBooks, DIN and ISO standards, loose-leaf publications and other media are ordered and managed transparently from one source. covers all features for strategic buyers: efficient invoicing, SAP connectivity, order history, maximum transparency and spend control, rights management, licence management, journal subscriptions, up-to-date catalogue metadata, client's inventories, etc.

The system, designed in bookseller's corporate identity, enables them to participate in all major tenders.

All software systems have been created turnkey ready and are hosted in our data centre.
A high level of service competence for our corporate clients is very important. With the E-Procurement system from NEWBOOKS Solutions, we can deliver exactly this service. By adopting our corporate design and implementing many modules in our procurement system, we have an individualised and first-class solution.
With we have an ideal E-Procurement solution for our corporate customers in place, allowing us to efficiently organise orders for all types of media, either centrally or decentrally, depending on customer's requirements.

Employee Shop for Publishers

Efficient Order System and Benefit Program

The Employee Shop is an efficient, web-based and central ordering system for your staff members. Publisher's employees place their orders and automatically send them to their central purchasing department. Orders will be assigned to each employee so that purchases can be settled easily via payroll system. As a result, publishers offer an attractive shop system and significantly lower process costs for in-house orders.

All software systems have been created turnkey ready and are hosted in our data centre.
The web-based is a coherent system that offers many features such as employee’s orders, billing and fulfillment. Since we organise the procurement of all media and connect our payroll accounting system to it, processes are optimised. is highly appreciated by our employees.
The employee shop is very popular with our staff and is intensively used - a great service and benefit program for us.

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