New Journal Database
New Journal Database from NEWBOOKS Solutions

Available now are editorially maintained product data for journals as catalogue data exports or as licensed data within the NEWBOOKS’ eProcurement system ‘’.

They regularly order, are reliable clients and, for many booksellers, the target group with the biggest sales potential: business customers. Whether corporations, libraries or public authorities: they value their trading partners–if offer and service are right.

In order to enable booksellers to offer their corporate and library clients not only books in print but also journals, NEWBOOKS Solutions developed a high-quality metadata feed which is now available for corporate booksellers, library suppliers as well as library service providers.

The Cologne-based software and consulting company offers two models: a catalogue raw data export service and a license of the journal metadata within NEWBOOKS cloud services, especially the eProcurement system ‘’. Both services are based on a new database that is not only of high quality, but also more extensive than any solutions previously available in the book trade. The bibliographic metadata for journals, as with books in print and online databases, is also editorially enriched, classified according to a highly differentiated subject classification scheme, and timely sent to metadata recipients on a regular basis. This also means that booksellers can present their customers in unified search all relevant media formats, book titles, journals and online databases alike in one search result. Product relations between different media formats are also editorially maintained.

For a trouble-free data transfer, the catalogue data is available in ONIX-format and in other proprietary export formats for seamless integration into booksellers’ own database infrastructures. The accuracy of the price information is also secured – a crucial basis for fast and reliable customer information. Additionally, those who wish to offer a special service for larger customers can use the eProcurement system ‘’ for corporate customers and public authorities or an Approval Plan System for library customers provided by NEWBOOKS Solutions.

“Metadata quality is an issue of high strategic priority for us. In this context, the way in which NEWBOOKS enriches metadata for books, journals and online databases as well as prepares it for a consistent and unified search adds significant value to our customer information and thus a sales relevant added value to us as a company,” explains Eckart Schlapp, Managing Director of Hugendubel Fachinformationen.

And Moritz Hodde, CEO of NEWBOOKS Solutions, adds: "With our journal program, all relevant academic and specialist areas are covered. By developing your own catalogues and online offerings such as web shops or eProcurement platforms, a homogeneous, cross-product search is made possible. At the same time, this creates the basis for the organisation of an intelligent shopping cart, within which additional products—which are subject-controlled - can be proposed to customers. Furthermore, the journal database is not only an important new product, but also a consciously set strategic signal that NEWBOOKS Solutions invests in the future of the book trade".



eBooks for the German National Library
Automated supply of eBooks to the German National Library

NEWBOOKS Solutions offers publishers to deliver eBook copies (‘electronic publications’) and related bibliographic information to the German National Library automatically.

The delivery to the German National Library is carried out via a special interface (Hotfolder procedure with FTP/WebDAV interface) as part of the NEWBOOKS Metadata Management.

The service offered by NEWBOOKS Solutions includes:

  • Automated metadata announcement (optional web-based title maintenance of metadata)
  • Automated delivery of eBook deposit copies (‘electronic publications’)
  • Server hosting of electronic publications (including encryption)
  • Maintenance and support.

Easy Setup

The publisher imports its metadata in ONIX 2.1 or Excel format as well as the eBook full texts into the interface provided by NEWBOOKS.

What our Clients Say

“With the automated delivery of electronic publications to the German National Library, I’ve found just the right service provider with NEWBOOKS Solutions. This service eliminates the need for manual sending, thus saving a considerable amount of time and resources for us" (Philipp Griesmeier, VDE Verlag GmbH).



Publishers’ Forum 2018
NEWBOOKS Solutions is sponsoring Publishers’ Forum

The conference will cover the most significant debates in publishing in Berlin on 26 and 27 April. NEWBOOKS Solutions organises a workshop „Of course, we are agile! – Product development in an area of tension between new methods and current company structures“.

Our experience in key topics of the event, such as E-Procurement, metadata management including automated keyword indexing and the shift to ONIX 3.0, can help change and re-shape the book and content business.

We look forward to the two-day conference which will provide strategic presentations and panel debates as orientation and workshops for practical implementation. Shortly we will inform about the agenda and a first selection of speakers.


Five relevant "take-aways"

  • Personalization is the key! Klaus Driever deduces his strategic thinking from this, today a digital pioneer in the Allianz insurance group and formerly in a similar position in the book trade at Weltbild and the media group ProSieben.
  • When the market is fundamentally revolving and the book trade is losing massively in terms of social media and other digital offerings, it is important to analyse this mixed situation in a bold way - with a view to the big picture, as Felim McGrawth from the Global Web Index does, with comparisons of the different markets in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. And this with a new perspective on relevant details when it comes not only to print and digital, but also to publishing titles when they are in direct competition with self-publishers.
  • New market conditions require new business models. The major consumer platforms are increasingly relying on direct authoring business, subscriptions and premium offers. Plamen Petrov from Amazon and Hermann Eckel from the Tolino Alliance will explain this in detail. But there are also completely different approaches, with cross-media storytelling such as Kaiken Entertainment or bestsellers based on crowdfunding and Unbound.
  • Those who turn directly to end customers in publishing houses or install new data-driven processes in the company are inevitably confronted with the next wave of technological innovation - artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.
  • But where exactly are the starting points for their implementation in the publishing house? How can a strategy be developed and implemented in an existing company organization? Decision-makers from all publishing sectors, from popular publishers such as C. H. Beck or from major corporations such as Holtzbrinck and Bonnier, educational publishers such as Cornelsen and leading specialist publishers, will comment on this.

Five relevant "take-aways", each of which, taken individually, make participation in the Publishers Forum on 26 and 27 April 2018 in Berlin worthwhile. A good working atmosphere with the best opportunities for networking or just exchanging experiences with colleagues is guaranteed.


Exciting venue

The event will take place at the dbb forum berlin – at the core of the bustling city, in busy Friedrichstrasse, with hotels of diverse categories in walking distance.


For more information please contact

Rüdiger Wischenbart
Director Publishers‘ Forum
phone: +43 650 6615601

About the Publishers‘ Forum

Over the last few years, the annual Publishers‘ Forum conference has developed into a stand-out industry event with more than 250 participants from publishing houses and service providers.

The event offers a top-class, specialist program with hands-on workshops and seminars which communicate concepts and experiences in order to provide workable solutions to the challenges which have arisen as a result of digitization.

In 2013, the Publishers’ Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2015, the company “The Publishers’ Forum GmbH” was established.

Twitter: @publishersforum

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18.12.2017 becomes
NEWBOOKS Solutions acquires

Libri hands over its eProcurement platform for corporate booksellers and library suppliers to NEWBOOKS Solutions – Academic and professional publishers are invited to list their titles with "".

Cologne –, one of the leading eProcurement solutions for corporate booksellers and library suppliers has recently gone through a change in ownership. The name has thus been renamed "" and respectively the platform will be operated by the Cologne-based software house and metadata specialist/vendor NEWBOOKS Solutions in the future.

"As an eProcurement specialist, we stand for the continued operation and further development of The aim is to integrate many additional corporate and library services into this product. We are very grateful for the trust that Libri has placed in us. The business with corporate clients, public authorities and libraries – and thus fast, cost-effective and at the same time high-quality provision of individual order proposals – is becoming increasingly important, especially for medium-sized corporate booksellers and library suppliers", explains Moritz Hodde, Managing Director of NEWBOOKS Solutions.

One matter remains unchanged: the platform offers booksellers in their business with corporate customers, public sector clients and libraries a simple and integrated ordering option for books, journals and other media such as online databases. NEWBOOKS Solutions is taking over further development, maintenance and metadata for the platform and offers at the same time an extended service to existing and new customers.

Publishers can also continue to order their individual literature needs over the so-called "employee shop" quickly and efficiently; and likewise, the orders for the publisher’s shop remain to be carried out via Libri.

NEWBOOKS Solutions also relies on the combination of flexibility and quality in its database: the data sources required by customers are imported and linked, and NEWBOOKS editorial team ensures the quality of their integration and classification scheme. Furthermore, customers will not only have access to "NEWBOOKS"—the leading catalogue for specialist literature in German speaking countries and beyond with its approximately 2.2 million titles, but they will also receive a license for all three sections of the database: professional and academic titles, online databases and the new journals database.

Stefan Schwedt, CIO of NEWBOOKS Solutions explains: "As a system house, we want to make the technologies, that facilitate the bookselling business, accessible to as many booksellers as possible, while simultaneously acting in the interest of our publisher customers wishing to support their business partners with high data quality during development of new distribution channels."



Far-Reaching Cooperation with Joerg Pieper
Joerg Pieper and NEWBOOKS Solutions cooperate

Customers of NEWBOOKS can now rely on the expertise and experience of Joerg Pieper, former head of eContent and Libraries at Schweitzer Fachinformationen, advising booksellers, publishers and libraries in the specialist information market.

Areas of cooperation cover strategies for digital business, process design, eProcurement, metadata management and related accompanying measures, such as project management and organizational development.

"We simply want to enable medium-sized booksellers to set up a structured business with corporate and library customers. Advice from a proven expert like Jörg Pieper is the ideal foundation for this", explains Moritz Hodde, Managing Director of NEWBOOKS Solutions.

Publishers and – especially enterprises in the field of specialist information, will be given the opportunity to further develop their digital business during the consultation process with Joerg Pieper, dealing with all questions around the distribution organization of digital contents (eBooks etc.).

"How do I achieve maximum sales-related visibility of my products on various trade platforms, particularly in the offers of scientific aggregators? Here, I would like to bring in my many years of experience and expertise, "says Jörg Pieper. Another focus in the consultation are the libraries. They too can benefit from the new alliance when it comes to further development of efficient, supplier-neutral ordering processes (e.g. approval plans or title recommendation lists) in combination with optimal metadata management.

As a result, a comprehensive range of consulting and service offerings is provided from a single source for all the above-mentioned target groups; consistently pragmatic and goal-oriented.



Amazon-Compliant Keyword Indexing
Up to 50 Percent Increase in Sales with Systematic Keyword Indexing

NEWBOOKS Solutions offers publishers systematic keyword indexing and thema subject classification services as well as special advice on "Amazon-compliant keyword indexing".

For a book to find its way to its readers, a systematic keyword indexing and thema subject classification are required.

Publishers whose titles equipped with accurate keywords and thema subject classification boost the visibility of their titles in the book trade, help them to rank at the top of search results and/or propose related topics that is of interest to their potential customers.

A recent study conducted by the publishing house MIT Press has shown that the practice of systematic keyword indexing at the online platform Amazon results in a considerable increase in sales revenue of up to 50 percent per title.

Are you interested in systematic keyword indexing and thema subject classification services? Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail for all your questions.

Further information available at:

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New Title Alerts based on THEMA
What’s New on the Topic 'Snorkeling'?

Many customers and plenty of unusual wishes? One or the other wishes can of course be instinctively fulfilled. However, what about the interest that your customer keeps to himself? NEWBOOKS' THEMA-based Alerting Service is a solution for your topic-driven customers.

Multiply a single customers wishes with the number of your entire client base, this would result in an inconceivable variety of special interests that no bookseller can match.

Now, how about if you can say to your customers: "Whatever your interest, we will make sure that you are always well informed when new and forthcoming titles in your areas of interest are published, and a mouse click will bring you what you want!"

Too much effort? None whatsoever, because we will take over this task from you and deliver regular updates of new titles in the look and feel of your corporate design to each of your customers according to their needs.

Your customers decide on what, how often and with how much detail they want to be informed and we will deliver the individually tailored new title alerts to them on your behalf. All this is done based on VLB, taking into account the extremely differentiated thema classification. Thus, they will not miss any novel, cookbook, travel guide – nothing whatsoever. They can even place their orders directly from your newsletters into your shopping cart.

Furthermore, if you want to stand out from the competition with unique content such as feature text, thema newsletter or an exclusive interview, we will gladly make you a suitable offer.



Publishers' Forum 2017, "Going Full Circle"
Publishers’ Forum 2017, ONIX 3.0 Workshop

NEWBOOKS Solutions provides support to wholesalers and the VLB in order to making their systems compatible with version 3.0. We’re also helping publishers to set up their new title announcements for ONIX 3.0 according to best practice.

The topics covered range range from future perspectives like artificial intelligence, machine learning or virtual reality and their immediate relevance for the publishing industry, to the current debates surrounding copyright or author and reader communities, to investment strategies in the area of rights management or the implementation of new standards (in a NEWBOOKS Solutions workshop focussing on ONIX 3.0).

This year's speakers include business leaders like Michael Tamblyn from the new Tolino partner Kobo or Angry Birds publisher Laura Nevanlinna; decision makers from leading publishing companies like Christian Schumacher-Gebler from Bonnier Deutschland or Mark van Mierle from Cornelsen; innovators and metadata specialists like Henning Schönenberger from SciGraph (Springer Nature) or Andreas von der Heydt from Amazon's Kindle Content; or experts with a flair for new methods of reaching readers like Sarah Mirschinka from Bastei Lübbe Digital or Michael Bhaskar, founder of the English digital publisher Canelo.

Over the course of two days in the heart of Berlin, you can review your personal plans and questions with high-caliber colleagues from every segment of the international publishing industry. Your exchanges are sure to offer new stimuli and allow you to reassess your own ideas.

As sponsoring partner NEWBOOKS Solutions will be represented by Amr Osman, Björn Stude and Andreas Jacobi, who will all be available to chat and answer your questions.

For further information regarding the speakers, subjects or news regarding the detailed agenda, please refer to the website and follow the conference on Twitter @publishersforum.

Register now using the online form.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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Complete service for publishers
Metadata services and software. Visibility, automated marketing, broad coverage

By merging the development and management of data optimization, IT processes, and marketing you’ll be working efficiently and achieving a high level of visibility for your products.

Best possible coverage of the book trade and direct customers.

Which measures are most likely to encourage automated provision first class metadata as well as a data-driven marketing model based on optimized data management?

We provide publishers with consultation and support on all aspects of metadata management – on the data enrichment side through our classification service, title indexing and VLB Gold status management and on the software side with well-proven and popular tools for managing ONIX data exchange and monitoring key book trade platforms, as well automated newsletter- based marketing and first class website solutions.

  1. Classification and indexing, VLB Gold-Status
  2. Inclusion of titles in the NEWBOOKS database
  3. Automated VLB title announcements and monitoring
  4. Automated marketing through publisher newsletters and websites
  5. ONIX tools for professional metadata management
  6. IT consulting, metadata and ONIX training

Read more about efficient metadata management, precise classification, automated ONIX data exchange for versions 2.1 and 3.0 and targeted publisher newsletters and websites.

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future!publish Berlin
Smart Data Workshop at the future!publish 2017

Transform data volume, variety, and velocity into sound business decisions and effective customer communication. NEWBOOKS Solutions is organizing a Smart Data workshop at the future!publish.

Data is an increasingly important topic in the publishing business. In tough economic times, it’s becoming clear that companies risk self-destruction if their data isn‘t well maintained and more importantly if it can’t be deployed in an aggregated form.

Until recently many publishing and media companies have been completely unaware of the body of data they have at their disposal, let alone of how such data can be merged or what they can actually do with it. Our analysis addresses the following key questions: Where are the white fields and problem areas? Where are resources being squandered? Which KPIs actually help publishers to move forward? And what is the technology that best supports the realization of data projects?

Klaus-Peter Stegen and Stefan Schwedt will address these questions in a workshop on 27th of January at the future!publish congress in Berlin from 9.30 to 11.00 am.

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