Massmann Approval Plan System connected with eBook Aggregator eLibrary

For most libraries the continuous improvement of the acquisition process poses a major challenge, especially when the offer includes both print and digital media. With the Approval Plan System developed by Newbooks, Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung (MIB) offers customers a user-friendly solution. The Hamburg-based library service provider supports universities and research institutions as well as enterprises.

Based on user profiles, customers receive individual proposal lists from which they can combine orders. They do not have to worry about undesirable duplicates, because these are prevented by stock alignment function.

eBooks are an integral part of MIB’s range of services. Moreover, MIB has been selected as cooperation partner of ebrary, a ProQuest company and one of the leading aggregators of academic eBooks. Automated order processing for ebrary in the Approval Plan System is implemented by Newbooks’ partner iucon. The eBooks are presented to customers in their usual proposal lists and can be conveniently stored in the shopping cart. Optionally, MIB can also filter the complete title stock according to the source ebrary.

For each title, the system displays a detailed page with bibliographic information. Orders to ebrary are triggered automatically. The processing status returned from ebrary is evaluated and reported to the customer by the Approval Plan System. Depending on customer requirements different license models are applied to the eBooks: parallel access by multiple users or restriction to a single user. Thus, the libraries can respond quickly to a changed user behavior and ensure the availability of current specialist literature.