ONIX Compatible Metadata Management System

Sack Mediengruppeā€™s new Metadata Management System makes editorial processing of bibliographic metadata possible.

Title, author, publication date – beyond such basics ONIX (ONline Information eXchange), the digital exchange format of the book trade, offers numerous possibilities to characterise a medium.

With a new Metadata Management System, Sack Mediengruppe reaches deep into the ONIX code. This powerful in-house developed system from our technology partner iucon allows for use of ONIX for targeted dissemination of detailed information. For this purpose, the most important elements of ONIX can be edited directly in the Metadata Management System. Code lists are redundant since all options are displayed in clear drop-down lists. The completely web-based Metadata Management System is recommended for easy mobile access.

By using the Metadata Management System Sack Mediengruppe can unify title metadata from various sources. Besides consistent keywords the specialist book retailers for legal subject specialty media can also enrich their ONIX code with supplementary information effective for advertising purposes. Thus, in addition to references to eBook versions, press commentaries and reviews related to the titles are also added into the metadata. This creates an added value for the customers of Sack webshops as their purchase decision is made easier.