Preview Service + Metadata Database

NEWBOOKS presents the successfully established Preview Service and a possible industry solution to the MVB Task Force.

During a round of introductions at the MVB Task Force, NEWBOOKS unveiled its proprietary Preview Service that is already used successfully in the market, and the possibilities for a comprehensive industry solution.

On several occasions, especially in the context of the Preview and Ordering System of Springer Business+Science Media which is developed and editorially maintained by us, we focused our efforts on a more efficient organisation of publisher’s previews. In the process, we always considered two sides: simplifying the preview generation and dissemination by the publishers, and further processing of orders by the booksellers.

NEWBOOKS’ Preview solution features a profile-based service to publisher’s web page for purchasing processes that can run without media discontinuity. Based on predefined profiles and editorially maintained metadata, it is possible to recommend booksellers only those titles that are particularly interesting for them. Publishers however disseminate this interest-specific information automatically and in digital form. The conventional print preview may, but need not, be phased out. Nevertheless, for a highly specialist academic publisher, the question arising is whether it should simply save printing and mailing costs.

At the same time we extensively dealt with the ordering processes at the booksellers, aiming for a system that is as automated as possible. Here, we have created links to each shared ERP system, hence booksellers no longer need to manually enter order records and detailed bibliographic information, and they can at the same time use these data for customer information.

In addition to the automated transfer of order data in the bookselling ERP, our Preview Service also enables for improved customer information. From the purchasing decision of the bookseller, the system automatically generates order and acquisition recommendations to end customers, libraries, and businesses. The accessible metadata that are subject-specifically developed according to the new PanTHEMA classification system can be distributed to the industry solution “Metadata Database”, which will benefit all sectors.

As a result, the screening process can be efficiently accelerated by the individualisation of acquisition proposals. In our web-based as well as platform- and catalogue-independent Preview Service, booksellers can conveniently place the recommended titles in the shopping cart or reject them. Moreover, the availability of interfaces to all industry-specific systems enable for both seamless data submission and automatic administration of customer information.