Wageningen Academic Publishers, New Partner Publisher

The Dutch specialist publishing house in the field of life sciences, environmental and social sciences Wageningen Academic Publishers has recently joined NEWBOOKS’ extensive list of partner publishers.

NEWBOOKS is an international clearing centre for the classification and distribution of bibliographic metadata and full texts and the leading metadata vendor of academic and specialist publications in German speaking countries and other European regions. We help publishers to disseminate information about their titles to our distribution partners worldwide. Among the basic services provided in our Title Listing are editorial processing, enrichment and classification of publisher’s bibliographic metadata according to a finely-structured subject category tree with over 2,400 THEMA-compatible subject codes. The enriched data of publisher’s frontlist and backlist titles are aggregated and then—as an added benefit for our partner publishers—automatically disseminated through our services, such as Approval Plan Systems, Alerting Services, Proposal Lists, Catalog Raw Data and Web Services, to our distribution partners and their regular institutional customers (libraries, public institutions, corporate clients etc) who receive the targeted-information regularly.