Hand-Picked Automation

Extensions of the Massmann Approval Plan System

For several years Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung (MIB) has provided its customers in research and science with an Approval Plan System which accelerates the acquisition process for specialist literature. One of the Massmann Approval Plan System’s unique features is the editorial maintenance of the Proposal Lists, and the system has proven itself to be successful in multiple uses at libraries. However, a recent extension of the Massmann Approval Plan System by NEWBOOKS took into account the continuous growth of the customer base.

Now customers have the opportunity to benefit from fully automated Approval Plans. Filter criteria and priorities are set in a personally accompanied setting process. Based on this definition, the Massmann Approval Plan System determines the relevant new titles and sends them as a Proposal List to the specialist librarians in a freely selectable interval. By comparing with existing approval plans and inventory query of the supplied library, duplicates can then be avoided. Intelligent concurrent filters further ensure continuous quality, even for large time intervals. In contrast to the approval plan systems from other providers, our system does not require any reconfiguration of the filter.

Through expert support and continuous improvement of job profiles, the libraries will always receive customised purchase recommendations. Staff capacities are therefore freed up, and time, which had previously invested to sort and select new titles, can then be profitably used for other tasks.