Presentation on THEMA highlighted at the NTX User Meeting 2014 in Speyer

On 25 June 2014, Martin Richard, Marketing Manager and Head of Department Law and Economics of Newbooks Services, gave a presentation on the new international Subject Classification Scheme THEMA at the NTX User Meeting 2014 of the software house Fornoff and Heintzenberg GmbH.

During his talk Richard explained to the audience the historical development of the scheme, embedded its relevance to the main topic “metadata” and showed practical examples, such as how publishing content are indexed in terms of content according to the new classification and how each target group of a title can be accurately addressed due to the granularity of the system. The large auditorium in the beautiful rural surroundings of the cathedral city of Speyer took note of the inputs made by the interested audience and the discussions continued during lunch break in individual talks.

If you want your backlist and frontlist titles to be accurately classified and categorised according to the new scheme THEMA, the experienced editorial team of Newbooks Services will be at your disposal. We look forward to your inquiry!