VLB TIX – Title information system for new and forthcoming titles in the German-speaking countries.

NEWBOOKS and MVB present 'VLB-TIX', their brand new preview and ordering system for the German-speaking publishing industry at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

TIX is a web-based, cross-publisher catalog that provides purchase recommendations based on rich, accurate and timely metadata as well as a user-friendly front end that includes ERP connectivity. The new system streamlines the supply chain and will, therefore be of use to all professionals working in the German-speaking publishing industry, including publishers, booksellers, sales representatives, librarians, journalists/bloggers and reviewers.

Booksellers will be able to benefit from metadata widely distributed in the catalogs provided by VLB and NEWBOOKS which together combine 2.3 million title records. Catalog data will also be available for integration into booksellers' own customer information systems, such as online shops, new title alerts, and ERP systems.

Booksellers can send out new title alerts using TIX and can integrate the alerting service into their own online shops as well as using it to manage customer contact lists for TIX-based services, such as B2C newsletters and B2B solutions (approval plans for libraries or corporate customers, MARC/MAB/EDI converters and eProcurement modules). This means that by using TIX booksellers will dramatically improve the way their customers purchase content.

Publishers will be able to use TIX to present new and forthcoming titles alongside relevant backlist and will receive regular usage analysis and accurate sales figures. They can choose whether to use the integrated advanced template system or create their own layouts, either in-house or together with their marketing agencies. Using TIX publishers will benefit from significant cost savings brought about by providing preview information in a digitized format as well as from client-tailored title selection (based on the new international THEMA subject classification) and faster purchase decisions by booksellers.

Publishers can also choose from one or two extra features. For example, NEWBOOKS` easy-to-use metadata management service streamlines the whole process of managing and disseminating book information. Once data has been entered in TIX, VLB or the NEWBOOKS catalog, our metadata management service automatically sends it to selected booksellers, wholesalers, book information services, distributors and eBook aggregators. Bibliographic data is delivered accurately and on time in each recipient’s preferred format and with their preferred classification system. We can provide all standard formats and proprietary formats as well as all standard classifications and proprietary classifications:

  • International Formats for the Book Industry & Libraries: ONIX versions 2.1 & 3.0, MARC, MAB, EDI, EditX, online booksellers and aggregators formats
  • International Classification Systems for the Book Industry: THEMA, BIC, BISAC
  • Standardized Keyword Indexing according to manual classifications
  • International Classification Schemes for Libraries: LCC-Library of Congress Classification, LCSH-Library of Congress Subject Headings, DDC-Dewey Decimal Classification.