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One-to-one consulting on Smart Data projects

Today’s publishers are faced with the challenge of having to quickly and efficiently structure and evaluate huge quantities of very diverse data - not least in order to enable marketing departments to develop a 360°approach to their customers.

For today’s media companies, data is an essential asset. From integrating data as part of the supply chain to the optimization of editorial and content-generating processes and the creation unique user experiences, the right data strategy can decide whether a company maintains its leading position or disappears from the radar. However, it’s not just internal data that needs to be part of such a strategy. The most innovative media players are looking beyond their own organizations in order to try and understand how their customers relate to their content and products. When it comes to creating fascinating immersive worlds, involving customers in order to gain a better understanding of user behavior, or harvesting their advertising value so as to build strong customer loyalty, a sound knowledge of the user environment is essential.

Stefan Schwedt and Moritz Hodde will be providing one-to-one consultancy on topics relevant to you. Pre-registration recommended. On-the-spot appointments possible subject to availability.

2016/10/20, 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm, hall 4.0 Business Club Meeting Area


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