future!publish Berlin
Smart Data Workshop at the future!publish 2017

Transform data volume, variety, and velocity into sound business decisions and effective customer communication. NEWBOOKS Solutions is organizing a Smart Data workshop at the future!publish.

Data is an increasingly important topic in the publishing business. In tough economic times, it’s becoming clear that companies risk self-destruction if their data isn‘t well maintained and more importantly if it can’t be deployed in an aggregated form.

Until recently many publishing and media companies have been completely unaware of the body of data they have at their disposal, let alone of how such data can be merged or what they can actually do with it. Our analysis addresses the following key questions: Where are the white fields and problem areas? Where are resources being squandered? Which KPIs actually help publishers to move forward? And what is the technology that best supports the realization of data projects?

Klaus-Peter Stegen and Stefan Schwedt will address these questions in a workshop on 27th of January at the future!publish congress in Berlin from 9.30 to 11.00 am.

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