Complete service for publishers
Metadata services and software. Visibility, automated marketing, broad coverage

By merging the development and management of data optimization, IT processes, and marketing you’ll be working efficiently and achieving a high level of visibility for your products.

Best possible coverage of the book trade and direct customers.

Which measures are most likely to encourage automated provision first class metadata as well as a data-driven marketing model based on optimized data management?

We provide publishers with consultation and support on all aspects of metadata management – on the data enrichment side through our classification service, title indexing and VLB Gold status management and on the software side with well-proven and popular tools for managing ONIX data exchange and monitoring key book trade platforms, as well automated newsletter- based marketing and first class website solutions.

  1. Classification and indexing, VLB Gold-Status
  2. Inclusion of titles in the NEWBOOKS database
  3. Automated VLB title announcements and monitoring
  4. Automated marketing through publisher newsletters and websites
  5. ONIX tools for professional metadata management
  6. IT consulting, metadata and ONIX training

Read more about efficient metadata management, precise classification, automated ONIX data exchange for versions 2.1 and 3.0 and targeted publisher newsletters and websites.

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