Publishers’ Forum, Berlin
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New perspectives, reorganization, implementation – these are the key guiding principles in publishing. Join us for a chat and on our podium discussion.


After last year’s self-critical debates over dwindling customer numbers, ever more complex markets, and new competitors, it is time to turn our gaze back to the future.

That’s why the most significant decisions that need to be taken will take center stage at the Publishers’ Forum on 9 and 10 May in Berlin.

  • Is it imperative to risk diversification and to think of exploitation chains beyond books and publishing?
  • Or should focusing on our core business take absolute priority?

At the conference, you’ll hear first-hand accounts of how publishers and other media like TV and film are vying for the best author talent and the attention of consumers in the area of storytelling.

The speakers for this focal topic stake a broad field with their lessons learned.

  • US publisher Michael Reynolds, for example, first helped make Elena Ferrante’s stroke of genius “My Brilliant Friend” a bestseller in North America and has collaborated on a TV adaptation for HBO and RAI.
  • At the world’s largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House, Sara Sargent is responsible for collaborations with digital communities such as Wattpad, unearthing the most exciting material and fledgling authors – particularly for younger audiences – so that Penguin Random House can hold its own against smartphone and TV.
  • Before he returned to publishing to strategically reposition Denmark’s biggest publishing house, Gyldendahl, for the era of new media, Morten Hesseldahl first brought the world some of the most successful international TV series (“Borgen”, “The Killing”, “The Bridge”).

However, new perspectives require that the financial foundation produces stable results, even in a turbulent economic environment. Jesús Badenes will speak to this subject. For over a decade, he has been piloting Planeta, the largest Spanish publishing group and thus one of the world’s leading trade publishers, through especially rough conditions. Market slumps, new business models and competitors and, of course, radical changes in consumer behavior are factors that top the list of challenges in many countries.

Increasing efficiency sine qua non

Strategic development can only lead to success if a company is operating efficiently. Getting efficiency right results from precise use of modern technology to optimize processes, perfect exploitation of assets, and data analysis to find the best ways to connect with customers. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence provide the necessary tools. We’ll demonstrate how this works with use cases from both academic publishers and the general consumer business.

Details of the program and the speakers can be found online at Publishers' Forum 2019 as they become available over the coming weeks. Register by 28 February to take advantage of our attractive Early Bird offers. We at NEWBOOKS Solutions look forward to seeing you there!


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Exciting venue

The event will take place at the dbb forum berlin – at the core of the bustling city, in busy Friedrichstrasse, with hotels of diverse categories in walking distance.


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About the Publishers‘ Forum

Over the last few years, the annual Publishers‘ Forum conference has developed into a stand-out industry event with more than 250 participants from publishing houses and service providers.

The event offers a top-class, specialist program with hands-on workshops and seminars which communicate concepts and experiences in order to provide workable solutions to the challenges which have arisen as a result of digitization.

In 2013, the Publishers’ Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2015, the company “The Publishers’ Forum GmbH” was established.

Publishers' Forum 2019

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