Publishers' Forum 2017, "Going Full Circle"
Publishers’ Forum 2017, ONIX 3.0 Workshop

NEWBOOKS provides support to wholesalers and the MVB in order to make their systems compatible with ONIX version 3.0. We’re also helping publishers to set up their ONIX 3.0 data feeds.

The topics covered range range from future perspectives like artificial intelligence, machine learning or virtual reality and their immediate relevance for the publishing industry, to the current debates surrounding copyright or author and reader communities, to investment strategies in the area of rights management or the implementation of new standards (in a NEWBOOKS Solutions workshop focussing on ONIX 3.0).

This year's speakers include business leaders like Michael Tamblyn from the new Tolino partner Kobo or Angry Birds publisher Laura Nevanlinna; decision makers from leading publishing companies like Christian Schumacher-Gebler from Bonnier Deutschland or Mark van Mierle from Cornelsen; innovators and metadata specialists like Henning Schönenberger from SciGraph (Springer Nature) or Andreas von der Heydt from Amazon's Kindle Content; or experts with a flair for new methods of reaching readers like Sarah Mirschinka from Bastei Lübbe Digital or Michael Bhaskar, founder of the English digital publisher Canelo.

Over the course of two days in the heart of Berlin, you can review your personal plans and questions with high-caliber colleagues from every segment of the international publishing industry. Your exchanges are sure to offer new stimuli and allow you to reassess your own ideas.

As sponsoring partner NEWBOOKS Solutions will be represented by Amr Osman, Björn Stude and Andreas Jacobi, who will all be available to chat and answer your questions.

For further information regarding the speakers, subjects or news regarding the detailed agenda, please refer to the website and follow the conference on Twitter @publishersforum.

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We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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