New Title Alerts based on THEMA
What’s New on 'Snorkeling'?

Many customers and plenty of unusual wishes? However, what about the interest that your customer keeps to himself? NEWBOOKS' THEMA-based Alerting Service is a solution for your topic-driven customers.

Multiply a single customers wishes with the number of your entire client base, this would result in an inconceivable variety of special interests that no bookseller can match.

Now, how about if you can say to your customers: "Whatever your interest, we will make sure that you are always well informed when new and forthcoming titles in your areas of interest are published, and a mouse click will bring you what you want!"

Too much effort? None whatsoever, because we will take over this task from you and deliver regular updates of new titles in the look and feel of your corporate design to each of your customers according to their needs.

Your customers decide on what, how often and with how much detail they want to be informed and we will deliver the individually tailored new title alerts to them on your behalf. All this is done based on VLB, taking into account the extremely differentiated thema classification. Thus, they will not miss any novel, cookbook, travel guide – nothing whatsoever. They can even place their orders directly from your newsletters into your shopping cart.

Furthermore, if you want to stand out from the competition with unique content such as feature text, thema newsletter or an exclusive interview, we will gladly make you a suitable offer.