New Journal Database
New Journal Database by NEWBOOKS Solutions

Editorially maintained product data for journals as catalogue data exports or as licensed data within the eProcurement system

They regularly order, are reliable clients and, for many booksellers, the target group with the biggest sales potential: business customers. Whether corporations, libraries or public authorities: they value their trading partners–if offer and service are right.

In order to enable booksellers to offer their corporate and library clients not only books in print but also journals, NEWBOOKS Solutions developed a high-quality metadata feed which is now available for corporate booksellers, library suppliers as well as library service providers.

The Cologne-based software and consulting company offers two models: a catalogue raw data export service and a license of the journal metadata within NEWBOOKS cloud services, especially the eProcurement system ‘’. Both services are based on a new database that is not only of high quality, but also more extensive than any solutions previously available in the book trade. The bibliographic metadata for journals, as with books in print and online databases, is also editorially enriched, classified according to a highly differentiated subject classification scheme, and timely sent to metadata recipients on a regular basis. This also means that booksellers can present their customers in unified search all relevant media formats, book titles, journals and online databases alike in one search result. Product relations between different media formats are also editorially maintained.

For a trouble-free data transfer, the catalogue data is available in ONIX-format and in other proprietary export formats for seamless integration into booksellers’ own database infrastructures. The accuracy of the price information is also secured – a crucial basis for fast and reliable customer information. Additionally, those who wish to offer a special service for larger customers can use the eProcurement system ‘’ for corporate customers and public authorities or an Approval Plan System for library customers provided by NEWBOOKS Solutions.

“Metadata quality is an issue of high strategic priority for us. In this context, the way in which NEWBOOKS enriches metadata for books, journals and online databases as well as prepares it for a consistent and unified search adds significant value to our customer information and thus a sales relevant added value to us as a company,” explains Eckart Schlapp, Managing Director of Hugendubel Fachinformationen.

And Moritz Hodde, CEO of NEWBOOKS Solutions, adds: "With our journal program, all relevant academic and specialist areas are covered. By developing your own catalogues and online offerings such as web shops or eProcurement platforms, a homogeneous, cross-product search is made possible. At the same time, this creates the basis for the organisation of an intelligent shopping cart, within which additional products—which are subject-controlled - can be proposed to customers. Furthermore, the journal database is not only an important new product, but also a consciously set strategic signal that NEWBOOKS Solutions invests in the future of the book trade".