Bookwire Publishers Day
Bookwire and NEWBOOKS Solutions present joint project

Barbara Zeppenfeld of Bookwire, Benjamin Bell and Björn Stude of NEWBOOKS Solutions presented their joint project "Dynamic Keyword Optimization".

As part of a joint project to automatically optimize and assign keywords, Bookwire and NEWBOOKS Solutions presented their completely new machine learning project with complementary editorial service.

The project "Dynamic Keyword Optimization" was presented by Barbara Zeppenfeld, Head of Account Management at Bookwire, Björn Stude, IT Director at NEWBOOKS Solutions and Benjamin Bell, Head of Editorial Team at NEWBOOKS Solutions.

The catchy phrase "metadata sell books" becomes very concrete within this project, because optimized keyword tagging ensures the dicoverability and as a consequence a higher turnover of eBooks.

The special machine learning method used by Newbooks Solutions and Bookwire evaluates data sources of all kinds: THEMA and NEWBOOKS classifications, the NEWBOOKS keyword index, metadata and full texts, and external data sources.

Using all these data sources and keyword density measurements, frequently used keywords can be identified. The keywords will then have to be editorially approved. "In this step, NEWBOOKS Solutions provides publishers with support with it's experienced editorial team," says Benjamin Bell.