Metadata Distribution to eBook Aggregators

Automatic data export to ebrary and MyiLibrary

For the smooth export of catalogue data to the eBook aggregators ebrary and MyiLibrary, modules for maintaining data as well as for data export to the NEWBOOKS Metadata Management System have been implemented.

The NEWBOOKS Metadata Management System is a web-based platform for the maintenance and distribution of bibliographic metadata. It offers publishers the possibility to easily inform their partner booksellers about new and forthcoming titles. For this, the Metadata Management System retrieves the respective data fields required by the metadata recipients, and automatically generates the suitable exchange format. The German directory of deliverable books (das Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VlB)), book wholesalers and online booksellers are informed equally about the new publication. Additional interfaces allow for the integration of the title database into publisher’s website. 

Editorial maintenance of publisher’s bibliographic metadata succeeds intuitively in the clearly arranged frontend of the platform. Therefore, publishers have an extremely useful tool for data storage and distribution at hand.

The modular system has been extended to specific areas both for maintenance purposes and metadata export to ebrary and MyiLibrary. In general, the NEWBOOKS Metadata Management System is based entirely on ONIX—the universal XML exchange format for booksellers and libraries. Nevertheless, various individual additions have been made at the request of the customers. For example, for metadata distribution to MyiLibrary the Library of Congress (LCC) classifications are needed that requires a special output format. ebrary on the other hand places special value on country-specific assignment of rights, author profiles and the equipping of the title data with BISAC codes.

Even with the extensive adjustments in the backend, users of the NEWBOOKS Metadata Management System remain undisturbed. They may recognise the changes in the form of two new menu tabs within the editorial maintenance menu of the platform. The individual exchange formats by ebrary and MyiLibrary can be both automated and initiated as live export by the customer.


In-House Seminar on THEMA at Suhrkamp Verlag

On 5 August 2014, MVB and Newbooks Services jointly conducted the first in-house training course on the new international Subject Classification Scheme THEMA for the renowned publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag in Berlin.

After a comprehensive introduction to the seminar topic, Martin Richard, Marketing Manager and Head of Department Law and Economics at NEWBOOKS Solutions, presented the THEMA Classification Scheme in its full depth and granularity, and shared the most important rules to the subject indexing of publishing content with THEMA Codes with the participants.

At the end of the training day the group practiced with the help of NEWBOOKS staff the practical application of the THEMA Subject Classification Scheme which was tailored to the specific publishing contents of Suhrkamp Verlag. One of the important points raised during the final discussion between the speakers and Suhrkamp editorial staff, sales reps and key account managers was the question of quality management in the indexing of titles according to THEMA, especially with regard to the need for coherence across the entire publishing program in terms of first edition and reprints, or other related products.

If you too are interested in arranging an effective in-house training on the new classification scheme THEMA for your employees and staff, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.


Presentation on THEMA highlighted at the NTX User Meeting 2014 in Speyer

On 25 June 2014, Martin Richard, Marketing Manager and Head of Department Law and Economics of Newbooks Services, gave a presentation on the new international Subject Classification Scheme THEMA at the NTX User Meeting 2014 of the software house Fornoff and Heintzenberg GmbH.

During his talk Richard explained to the audience the historical development of the scheme, embedded its relevance to the main topic “metadata” and showed practical examples, such as how publishing content are indexed in terms of content according to the new classification and how each target group of a title can be accurately addressed due to the granularity of the system. The large auditorium in the beautiful rural surroundings of the cathedral city of Speyer took note of the inputs made by the interested audience and the discussions continued during lunch break in individual talks.

If you want your backlist and frontlist titles to be accurately classified and categorised according to the new scheme THEMA, the experienced editorial team of Newbooks Services will be at your disposal. We look forward to your inquiry!


Usability Improvement

NEWBOOKS solutions redesignes the website of Brockhaus/German Books.

As a prominent supplier for all publications of the European book market, Brockhaus/German Books focuses on libraries and booksellers with a broad portfolio of services: from monographs to journal delivery, from subscriptions to the selection programmes, from new publication service up to the antiquarian search.

Now, individual areas of the website of Brockhaus Commission is being changed from the ground up. This will improve in particular the usability for the user and at the same time increase the acceptance of library customers.


Newbooks Hosted a Webinar with the specialist magazine buchreport

Various webinar series organised by Germany’s specialist magazine "buchreport" always receives extremely high interest from the industry, and the recent webinar on the topic "Discover good books in a better way - metadata" was no exeption. The two-part webinar which was conducted on 18 and 25 June 2014 had attracted 41 renowned publishing houses in the German book trade.

As a speaker who represented Newbooks for the webinar, Martin Richard (Marketing Manager and Head of Department Law and Economics) explained during his 30-minute presentation about the basic relevance of metadata for the book sales as well as reported on the latest developments in the Working Group D-A-CH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) for the international classification scheme "THEMA ".

It is worth mentioning that such tools to disseminate publishing content as Alerting Services, Approval Plans and Digital Previews which were covered by Richard in his speech aroused considerable interest amongst the participants and, as a result, stimulated intensive technical discussions.

If you would like to benefit from the manifold possibilities of the digital distribution of your publication program or have your backlist and frontlist titles equipped with the new subject classification THEMA, simply drop us a line. We look forward to your inquiry!


Third Seminar on the new Subject Classification Scheme THEMA conducted by Newbooks and MVB

For the third time, speakers of Newbooks Services together with the MVB organised an all-day seminar on the new international Subject Classification Scheme "THEMA". Representatives of 13 well-known publishers gathered on 24 June 2014 in the Media Campus of the Booksellers Association in Frankfurt-Seckbach, Germany, to learn about the practical application of THEMA.

After a comprehensive introduction to the seminar topic by Michael Vogelbacher, Head of Department Information Services of the MVB, Benjamin Bell, Head of Specialist Information of Newbooks Services, and his colleague Martin Richard, Marketing Manager and Head of Department Law and Economics, presented the THEMA Classification Scheme in its full depth and granularity and provided the participants with the most important rules to the subject indexing of publishing content with THEMA Codes.

At the end of the session, the participants and the speakers—including MVB Data Manager Martin Lüning, had the chance to practice together the concrete application of the THEMA Classification Scheme on a wide variety of content. Particularly relevant in practice was also the integration of THEMA Codes into ONIX files which Martin Lüning explained. A lively technical debate at the end of the seminar once again confirmed the great interest of publishers to use the new classification scheme.

If you wish to equip your backlist and frontlist titles with the new Subject Classification System "THEMA", you will find us the right partner for your requirements. Please feel free to contact us!


Website Relaunch of Verlag Georg Olms - Weidmannsche

NEWBOOKS Solutions realises the publisher’s website with newly developed CMS.

NEWBOOKS Solutions has realised the website relaunch of publishing house Georg Olms. The new edition of the web shop is convincing straightaway through an advanced, intuitive user interface. The customer is greeted on the main page by a distinctive slider with current information. For the selective access, a subject tree and several shortcuts are available where children's and youth literature in Olms Junior section, the equestrian frameworks of horse book section and the special titles of Swiss Edition Olms can be found. Searches are supplemented by auto-complete function which speeds up the search process tremendously. For each title, a page with additional information will appear which often is extended to include PDFs with excerpts and other details.

The shopping can be successfully completed in three easy steps. First: customers check and confirm the contents of their shopping cart. After inputting the delivery address, they complete their order by choosing method of payment. The Olms Verlag offers a modern service for cashless payment through Saferpay. On the Saferpay payment page, a separate, specially protected payment window opens where customers can enter the required payment information. Both debit and credit card payments are possible.

In the backend, future-oriented enhancements have also been developed. NEWBOOKS Solutions relies on the proven content management system (CMS) Umbraco. Compared to other popular CMS, Umbraco makes it possible to perform even profound changes quickly through Templates— where, for example, WordPress reaches its limits. Not only the content, but the changed menu structures can also be applied in real time from the linked CMS to the webpage. In addition, as open source software Umbraco is improved continuously by a competent fan base.

The meta-format XML makes it possible to bring together the editorial content of Umbraco with the bibliographic title information in the web shop. For this purpose, NEWBOOKS Solutions has setup a dedicated server so that the existing Georg Olms Verlag catalogue data will be transferred to the proprietary exchange format of the book trade ONIX automatically. As ONIX is very detailed and the publishing program of Georg Olms Verlag is extensive, a further transformation and batch processing take place which process the data at optimal speed for presentation in the web shop. The clean separation of title data and editorial content in the backend reduces the maintenance effort and assures continuous quality.

The fully bilingual web shop underlines the international orientation of the long-established publishing house which also has offices in Zurich and New York in addition to its headquarter in Hildesheim, Germany. The CMS Umbraco is ideal for the editorial maintenance of bilingual content: the language versions can be easily edited side by side. Depending on their preference, customers can change to the English language version during their search. Social bookmarks for Facebook and Twitter complete the offered service.


Hand-Picked Automation

Extensions of the Massmann Approval Plan System

For several years Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung (MIB) has provided its customers in research and science with an Approval Plan System which accelerates the acquisition process for specialist literature. One of the Massmann Approval Plan System’s unique features is the editorial maintenance of the Proposal Lists, and the system has proven itself to be successful in multiple uses at libraries. However, a recent extension of the Massmann Approval Plan System by NEWBOOKS took into account the continuous growth of the customer base.

Now customers have the opportunity to benefit from fully automated Approval Plans. Filter criteria and priorities are set in a personally accompanied setting process. Based on this definition, the Massmann Approval Plan System determines the relevant new titles and sends them as a Proposal List to the specialist librarians in a freely selectable interval. By comparing with existing approval plans and inventory query of the supplied library, duplicates can then be avoided. Intelligent concurrent filters further ensure continuous quality, even for large time intervals. In contrast to the approval plan systems from other providers, our system does not require any reconfiguration of the filter.

Through expert support and continuous improvement of job profiles, the libraries will always receive customised purchase recommendations. Staff capacities are therefore freed up, and time, which had previously invested to sort and select new titles, can then be profitably used for other tasks.


Diaphanes uses NEWBOOKS Metadata Management System

The Swiss independent publishers Diaphanes now lists its title data in the NEWBOOKS specialist title database

Founded in 2001, the Zurich-based publishing house Diaphanes has grown into one of the most prominent independent publishers of literature, contemporary philosophy, science, and art in the German-speaking world.

Apart from integrating its title information into the NEWBOOKS’ specialist title database, Diaphanes also uses our 'Metadata Management' system to maintain its bibliographic metadata. With this system, the publisher’s title information and additional texts are maintained and disseminated automatically and web-based in all standard formats to booksellers.

The NEWBOOKS "Metadata Management" generates ONIX and all other standard reporting formats as well as classifications, and automatically exports them to book wholesalers, online bookshops, eBook aggregators and other metadata recipients. Among other things, the system allows for the hassle-free integration of metadata into the publisher’s existing website.


Wageningen Academic Publishers, New Partner Publisher

The Dutch specialist publishing house in the field of life sciences, environmental and social sciences Wageningen Academic Publishers has recently joined NEWBOOKS’ extensive list of partner publishers.

NEWBOOKS is an international clearing centre for the classification and distribution of bibliographic metadata and full texts and the leading metadata vendor of academic and specialist publications in German speaking countries and other European regions. We help publishers to disseminate information about their titles to our distribution partners worldwide. Among the basic services provided in our Title Listing are editorial processing, enrichment and classification of publisher’s bibliographic metadata according to a finely-structured subject category tree with over 2,400 THEMA-compatible subject codes. The enriched data of publisher’s frontlist and backlist titles are aggregated and then—as an added benefit for our partner publishers—automatically disseminated through our services, such as Approval Plan Systems, Alerting Services, Proposal Lists, Catalog Raw Data and Web Services, to our distribution partners and their regular institutional customers (libraries, public institutions, corporate clients etc) who receive the targeted-information regularly.