Deutscher Fachverlag expands its cooperation with NEWBOOKS

The publishing house is now also using the NEWBOOKS services 'Metadata Management' and 'Metadata Monitoring'.

NEWBOOKS has been assigned by partner publisher Deutscher Fachverlag to maintain its bibliographic metadata via the web-based and intuitive interface of the NEWBOOKS 'Metadata Management'. Our system delivers the Publisher’s metadata to all its metadata recipients automatically via the same interface, and in the recipients’ preferred format.

In addition, with the NEWBOOKS 'Metadata Monitoring', the Publisher can now check at one glance that its title information is correctly displayed on all major sales platforms. Any deviations are presented clearly and can be corrected quickly. Hence, our automatic system eliminates manual tasks and simultaneously reduces errors as well as saves time.


Editions Rodopi uses NEWBOOKS service "New Title Alerts".

The Amsterdam-based publisher Editions Rodopi uses the NEWBOOKS "Alerting Service" for subject-specific dissemination of frontlist titles.

For disseminating targeted information to their specialist customers, the longstanding publishing house Editions Rodopi uses the NEWBOOKS service "New Title Alerts".

The service is seamlessly integrated into the existing website of Rodopi. Customers can directly sign up there for the Alerting Service on new and forthcoming titles as well as manage their subscription. Subscribers are informed regularly about new publications from the publisher.

Both on the website and in the sent e-mails, the Alerting Service is consistently presented in the publisher’s corporate design, ensuring a sustainable customer loyalty for the renowned specialist publisher.


Complete development of all titles of publisher Boehlau with THEMA classifications.

NEWBOOKS improves the discoverability of content significantly.

The newly introduced classification scheme THEMA, which applies internationally, makes more and more the rounds in the industry. As one of the first, the publishing house Boehlau has decided to equip all their titles with THEMA subject codes through our experienced editorial office.

As a certified partner of the MVB and permanent member of the THEMA Working Group for the D-A-CH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), you simply can’t go wrong with us: all subject categories from a single source and in constant high quality.


Publishing Group Huethig Jehle Rehm uses NEWBOOKS "Keyword Indexing"

The go-ahead for the indexing of the Group’s entire backlist and frontlist titles through our editorial office.

For a precise—content-wise, indexing of their title data, publishing house Huethig Jehle Rehm is now using the NEWBOOKS “Keyword Indexing" service, generating more structured and accurate search results. All the Publisher’s titles can be accessible via the extensive NEWBOOKS Keyword Index, which is continuously expanded and updated.

The keywords will be assigned in connection with the new international subject classification system THEMA. The publisher thus receives keywords that can be directly related to the newly introduced classification scheme.

The customers of Huethig Jehle Rehm can already benefit from the significant advantages offered by our service: all the publisher’s titles are significantly easier to find for the relevant target groups. Whether lawyers, tax consultants, physicians, IT specialists or interested laymen, everyone will find just the right literature they are looking for. The publisher’s standard works can easily be found directly by inputting relevant keywords. Lengthy research and unsatisfactory search results are so passé.

Through a constant updating and expansion of the NEWBOOKS Index, current and relevant topics are immediately recognised and integrated. Considerable advantages arise for Huethig Jehle Rehm. Their new and forthcoming titles as well as backlist titles can be distributed to the target groups immediately without delay.


NEWBOOKS Services and MVB hold second THEMA seminar

With NEWBOOKS, publishers can implement the new standard immediately and without additional effort.

MVB and NEWBOOKS jointly organised the second industry-specific seminar on the new global classification standard THEMA on 20 February 2014 at the Media Campus Frankfurt and introduced the system to a variety of publishers. The 26 participants represented Germany’s renowned academic publishing houses. The German translation of the classification scheme, which has been developed by NEWBOOKS, was presented at the seminar.

There were intensive practical exercises and a lively discussion on the theory part of the seminar. Due to the extensive preparatory work, which NEWBOOKS has done as a permanent member of the THEMA Working Group for Germany-Austria-Switzerland and as a certified partner of the MVB for THEMA, with NEWBOOKS the new system can be implemented immediately and without organisational effort for the customer. "Our partner publishers in the fields of academic and specialist literature have, so to say, already reached the goal," said the CEO of NEWBOOKS Services, Moritz Hodde.

As the seminar was overbooked in advance due to high interest, a third PanTHEMA seminar has been scheduled for June 2014. Registration is still possible for this date. Interested parties from all sectors of the book industry are invited to inform themselves on this important topic in the context of metadata management.

If you wish to ensure precise classification of your frontlist titles and, on request, even the entire backlist titles of your publishing house under the new classification scheme THEMA, look no further than NEWBOOKS Services. We look forward to your inquiry.


Preview Service + Metadata Database

NEWBOOKS presents the successfully established Preview Service and a possible industry solution to the MVB Task Force.

During a round of introductions at the MVB Task Force, NEWBOOKS unveiled its proprietary Preview Service that is already used successfully in the market, and the possibilities for a comprehensive industry solution.

On several occasions, especially in the context of the Preview and Ordering System of Springer Business+Science Media which is developed and editorially maintained by us, we focused our efforts on a more efficient organisation of publisher’s previews. In the process, we always considered two sides: simplifying the preview generation and dissemination by the publishers, and further processing of orders by the booksellers.

NEWBOOKS’ Preview solution features a profile-based service to publisher’s web page for purchasing processes that can run without media discontinuity. Based on predefined profiles and editorially maintained metadata, it is possible to recommend booksellers only those titles that are particularly interesting for them. Publishers however disseminate this interest-specific information automatically and in digital form. The conventional print preview may, but need not, be phased out. Nevertheless, for a highly specialist academic publisher, the question arising is whether it should simply save printing and mailing costs.

At the same time we extensively dealt with the ordering processes at the booksellers, aiming for a system that is as automated as possible. Here, we have created links to each shared ERP system, hence booksellers no longer need to manually enter order records and detailed bibliographic information, and they can at the same time use these data for customer information.

In addition to the automated transfer of order data in the bookselling ERP, our Preview Service also enables for improved customer information. From the purchasing decision of the bookseller, the system automatically generates order and acquisition recommendations to end customers, libraries, and businesses. The accessible metadata that are subject-specifically developed according to the new PanTHEMA classification system can be distributed to the industry solution “Metadata Database”, which will benefit all sectors.

As a result, the screening process can be efficiently accelerated by the individualisation of acquisition proposals. In our web-based as well as platform- and catalogue-independent Preview Service, booksellers can conveniently place the recommended titles in the shopping cart or reject them. Moreover, the availability of interfaces to all industry-specific systems enable for both seamless data submission and automatic administration of customer information.


Max Planck Society acquires the entire inventory of Springer Book Archives

NEWBOOKS Services equips all titles of the archive with product market codes, keywords, and product categories.

One of the leading research institutions in Germany the Max Planck Society has acquired the complete inventory of the Springer Book Archives (SBA). Through the Springer Book Archive, academic works from the last two centuries which are of great significance for today’s research are again available.

NEWBOOKS Services has been commissioned with the indexing of the SBA total inventory. During the enrichment of metadata with Springer product market codes, keywords and product categories—manual, partially developed for Springer Verlag—semi- and fully automated procedures are used.

NEWBOOKS Services welcomes the close cooperation with Springer Science + Business Media and congratulates the publisher for the initial complete sale.

Equip your frontlist and backlist titles with subject-specific indexing through us, and significantly increase your title discoverability and sales. We look forward to your inquiry!


"Keyword Indexing” sets a new milestone with the integration of structured search

Sack Media Group use Newbooks’ “Keyword Indexing" service in their brand new online shop.

The Goal

The target goal for the relaunch of Sack Media Group’s online shop was to develop optimal data quality and highly professional search functionalities which can be clearly distinguishable from the offerings of competitors. What was of particular importance for Sack Media Group was the integration of new technologies into the architecture of their online shop.

The Solution

So how these ambitious ideas could be put into practice? Enter Newbooks’ "Keyword Indexing" service and the requirements were met directly. The service has been seamlessly integrated into the search function of Sack Media Group’s online shop. With the use of this indexing method of book titles and online databases, which can be considered unique in the industry, Newbooks Services breaks entirely new ground in the discoverability of metadata.

Keyword Indexing

The basis of this service is a complex built-up keyword index which corresponds to one of the classifications of metadata. Jointly, a maximum degree of indexing can be achieved.


The auto-complete feature, which is integrated into the search function of Sack Media Group’s online shop, adopts both the title tags and the terms of the keyword indexing. All associated acronyms and synonyms are included. Hence, it scores as search functionality at the highest level.

Test the benefits of the newly relaunched Sack Media Group’s online shop. Immediately accessible under


Also take advantage of the numerous features of "Keyword Indexing"

Your advantages at a glance

For Booksellers

  • Integration of keywords and classifications:
  1. into existing or new webshops
  2. for optimal search
  3. in newsletter
  4. in Approval Plan Systems
  • Best data quality through high level of indexing depth
  • Cross-publisher keyword search in German and English
  • “Ready for PanThema?" – Parallel reference of PanThema classifications and keywords

For Publishers

  • Integration of keywords and classifications:
  1. into ONIX Metadata
  2. in own website
  3. for optimal search
  4. in newsletter
  • Best data quality through high level of indexing depth
  • “Ready for PanThema?" – Parallel reference of own data with keywords and PanThema classifications
  • Use as standardised index
  • Integration of keywords into own CMS
  • High-quality initial distribution of your titles through our "Metadata Management" service.


Continued strong interest in THEMA seminars – more seminars in February and June

MVB and Newbooks to present the new international classification standard THEMA in additional seminars to the book industry professionals

As the first seminar on 18 November 2013 was overbooked in advance due to the high interest, another THEMA seminar has been scheduled for 20 February 2014. More dates to follow in summer and autumn on which NEWBOOKS and MVB inform the interested parties from all sectors of the book industry about this important topic within the framework of Metadata Management.

We will be glad to make you an individual offer for the classification of your metadata in the new standard PanThema. Please also contact us if you need comprehensive advice on any questions relating to classifications, formats and management of your metadata. We look forward to your inquiry.


A new way of presenting specialist legal information

Website relaunch of Stollfuß Medien with responsive design and optimised backend

The relaunched Stollfuß Medien website presents itself in a modern metro-design. The clear layout provides direct access to sections such as application support, specialist databases and the webshop. The website’s frontend is equipped with the latest web technology. Thanks to HTML5 the Foundation Framework allows fully responsive design. Whether it is on a tablet display in portrait mode, flatscreen or beamer projection: the new website adapts to customer’s screen size and orientation so that the structure of the content remains intact and the readability is guaranteed even on small displays. Through embedded fonts and colour gradients Stollfuß Media’s corporate design is featured consistently on any device. Moreover, this embedding reduces the quantity of data resulting in positive effect at the mobile access. Last but not least, with its apps "Stollfuß Kiosk" and "Stgb – The Tax Code" the legal publishing house aims at modern tablets. Multimedia content is stored in HTML 5-compliant MPEG- 4, instead of Flash.

The site is also optimised for Android and iOS-based tablets. With new interfaces we have created an efficient triad in the backend: the editorial maintenance of the web page contents is done in the Content Management System Umbraco in which inserted text, links and graphics are automatically adjusted to the corporate layout. As the second system the NEWBOOKS Metadata Management offers access to bibliographic metadata of judicial publications. In this system all fields of ONIX exchange format can be edited. In order to map Stollfuß-own product range, new Stollfuß-specific product categories have been implemented. Online orders are exported daily and read into the ERP MSH. The three systems were networked and coordinated so that redundant processes are excluded. In particular, the independent processing of web page content and product master data provides a logistical advantage, because the effort for data maintenance is significantly reduced.