NEWBOOKS Services has hosted joint industry seminar about THEMA

MVB, Newbooks and Libri to introduce the new industry classification system THEMA.

On 18 November 2013 MVB, NEWBOOKS Solutions and Libri conducted a joint seminar about the new global classification standard THEMA and introduced the system to the interested parties of the industry at the Media Campus Frankfurt.

The 25 participants represented renowned specialist publishing houses, booksellers as well as important industry service providers. The comprehensive presentation of the new system by the speakers from NEWBOOKS, Libri and MVB yielded a fruitful discussion that both engaged strong interest and brought important impulses for the further proceedings in the scope of the implementation of THEMA. The seminar was overbooked in advance due to the high interest so that another THEMA seminar was scheduled for 20 February 2014. Registration is still possible for this date. Interested parties from all sectors of the book industry are invited to inform themselves on this important topic within the context of metadata management.

Please contact us, if you need to comprehensive advice regarding THEMA and all questions relating to classifications, formats and managing your metadata. We look forward to your inquiry.


MVB and Newbooks Solutions to accelerate the Metadata database

On the long road to set up a metadatabase as industry-specific solution to oppose Amazon’s sophisticated and market-leading book catalogue, the MVB as the operating company of the German central book catalogue VlB Verzeichnisses lieferbarer Bücher has been a specialist partner.

The Cologne-based agency NEWBOOKS Services indexes and classifies contents mainly for academic publishers. The MVB has recently entered into a strategic partnership with the newly founded company NEWBOOKS Solutions with the defined goal of “providing a significantly improved metadatabase" to the book industry.


NEWBOOKS Solutions to Establish Strategic Partnership with MVB to provide high quality metadata

Companies will cooperate to develop software for the new VLB catalogue. NEWBOOKS Solutions to become MVB Certified Partner for editorial services based on the new THEMA standard.

With the opening of this year's Frankfurt Book Fair our newly established software and consulting company is forming a strategic partnership with the MVB. The aim is to provide the book industry with a considerably improved meta-database to be known as VLB+ or VLB next. "Metadata is becoming more and more important in making books discoverable and ensuring that they sell well," said Ronald Schild, MVB CEO. "This partnership brings together NEWBOOKS’ extensive know-how in the management of enriched and editorially processed metadata as well as customer information systems with the coverage and data pool provided by the German Books in Print (VLB). The many synergies will create a win-win situation for both publishers and booksellers."

The partnership aims to provide high quality metadata while further developing customer-oriented software tools. The first step will be the processing of bibliographic information according to the new THEMA standard. This will enable booksellers and publishers to receive metadata for academic and professional books via the VLB that is significantly more granular and consistent, not to mention corresponding services such as new title alerts, approval plan systems, digital previews and metadata management tools.

In concrete terms, the VLB will be able to offer participating academic and professional publishers title classification according to the new THEMA standard that has been enhanced by NEWBOOKS Services own enriched catalogue data. The objective of jointly developed software tools and customer information systems will be to make publishers’ metadata management more efficient and consistent while at the same time optimizing  automated metadata control through monitoring procedures and plausibility checks. Additional joint projects are planned for automatic indexing based on full texts and NEWBOOKS’ unique Keyword Indexing software will be used for the subject-specific indexing of metadata and full texts.

“We look forward to the newly founded strategic partnership with the MVB that will bring us much closer to achieving our common goal: on the one hand easier maintenance, precise classification and automated metadata distribution for our participating publishers, and on the other hand improved systems and opportunities for using enriched bibliographic information for providing more targeted customer information. This would on the whole lead to higher sales," explains Moritz Hodde, CEO of the newly formed company NEWBOOKS Solutions and Head of NEWBOOKS Services Clearing Centre.

NEWBOOKS Solutions and NEWBOOKS Services are ‘MVB Certified Partners’ and will be present at the MVB Stand in Hall 4.0, Booth D85 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

On 20 February 2014 we will join forces with the MVB and the mediacampus frankfurt to offer another THEMA Seminar.

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NEWBOOKS to undertake subject-specific indexing of the Springer Book Archive (SBA)

Backlist Metadata Enrichment Project for 142,000 specialist titles published since 1842.

Springer Verlag—the world's largest publishing house in science, technology and medicine has awarded NEWBOOKS a major project to index its historic book archive of 142,000 titles published from 1842 until the present.

Product Market Codes, Keywords and Product Categories will all be part of the metadata enrichment project, which will be undertaken either manually or through semi- and fully automatic processes. All data sets will be equipped with the indexing criteria relevant for marketing and sales by the end of 2014.

We look forward to working with Springer Science+Business Media on this exciting project.

Are you interested in having your front and backlist title metadata enriched by us? Please contact us for more information or send us an enquiry!


NEWBOOKS awarded a subproject of Thieme Verlag’s central eBook project

1,500 of Thieme’s backlist titles to be assigned with Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Codes.

NEWBOOKS has recently been awarded a key title indexing subproject by the publishing house Thieme. NEWBOOKS’ Subject Classification will be used as the main point of reference for the indexing of Journals Subject Collections as well as for the publisher’s business packages.

NEWBOOKS has already established concordance between Thieme’s Classification and that of NEWBOOKS. This however is only the first step; approximately 1,500 of Thieme’s backlist titles will also be assigned with both the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Codes as part of the first phase. The indexing of the publisher’s front list titles will follow.

Are you thinking about having your metadata enriched? Interested in international marketing and Library Classifications? We’d love to help. Feel free to contact us at anytime.


ONIX Compatible Metadata Management System

Sack Mediengruppe’s new Metadata Management System makes editorial processing of bibliographic metadata possible.

Title, author, publication date – beyond such basics ONIX (ONline Information eXchange), the digital exchange format of the book trade, offers numerous possibilities to characterise a medium.

With a new Metadata Management System, Sack Mediengruppe reaches deep into the ONIX code. This powerful in-house developed system from our technology partner iucon allows for use of ONIX for targeted dissemination of detailed information. For this purpose, the most important elements of ONIX can be edited directly in the Metadata Management System. Code lists are redundant since all options are displayed in clear drop-down lists. The completely web-based Metadata Management System is recommended for easy mobile access.

By using the Metadata Management System Sack Mediengruppe can unify title metadata from various sources. Besides consistent keywords the specialist book retailers for legal subject specialty media can also enrich their ONIX code with supplementary information effective for advertising purposes. Thus, in addition to references to eBook versions, press commentaries and reviews related to the titles are also added into the metadata. This creates an added value for the customers of Sack webshops as their purchase decision is made easier.


Massmann Approval Plan System connected with eBook Aggregator eLibrary

For most libraries the continuous improvement of the acquisition process poses a major challenge, especially when the offer includes both print and digital media. With the Approval Plan System developed by Newbooks, Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung (MIB) offers customers a user-friendly solution. The Hamburg-based library service provider supports universities and research institutions as well as enterprises.

Based on user profiles, customers receive individual proposal lists from which they can combine orders. They do not have to worry about undesirable duplicates, because these are prevented by stock alignment function.

eBooks are an integral part of MIB’s range of services. Moreover, MIB has been selected as cooperation partner of ebrary, a ProQuest company and one of the leading aggregators of academic eBooks. Automated order processing for ebrary in the Approval Plan System is implemented by Newbooks’ partner iucon. The eBooks are presented to customers in their usual proposal lists and can be conveniently stored in the shopping cart. Optionally, MIB can also filter the complete title stock according to the source ebrary.

For each title, the system displays a detailed page with bibliographic information. Orders to ebrary are triggered automatically. The processing status returned from ebrary is evaluated and reported to the customer by the Approval Plan System. Depending on customer requirements different license models are applied to the eBooks: parallel access by multiple users or restriction to a single user. Thus, the libraries can respond quickly to a changed user behavior and ensure the availability of current specialist literature.


Individual IT Solutions and Consulting Services

NEWBOOKS Solutions: The Launch of An Innovative IT System and Solution House


With the foundation of NEWBOOKS Solutions GmbH, Amr Osman, former Managing Director of Sack Media Group and Moritz Hodde, founder of NEWBOOKS Services take a new approach to development of software solutions for the publishing industry.

At least equally important: A competent and industry-specific consulting service that focuses on the strategic direction of the IT system landscape and online offerings for publishers and booksellers. "The need in the publishing industry has grown through rapid technical development and digitisation. Customers often suffer under the historically evolved stand-alone solutions, the ever more complex interfaces and overall heterogeneous IT system landscapes. This is where our consulting services come in—that includes, of course, project management with adherence to schedule and budget," explained NEWBOOKS Solutions’ CEO Osman.

The new company offers many different services and products as well as providing full service ‘from a single source’: sophisticated website programming and shop solutions, e-Procurement solutions, ONIX tools, converter technology, automatic methods for the quality improvement of metadata, process optimisation, ergonomic metadata management, managed new title alerts, library solutions, and many more.

Whether it is a procurement- or a database solution that has been developed to suit a client’s specific needs, our customers know that they will receive tailor-made IT solutions, that workflows will be streamlined and optimised, and that common business processes will be transferred into intelligent software. "Our goal is to help our customers manage their daily tasks quickly, easily and systematically. Our professional solutions and specialised consulting services make that possible. The results are growth and competitive advantage,"said Hodde, CEO of NEWBOOKS Solutions.

NEWBOOKS Solutions commences business on 1 October 2013.