Automatic Keyword Indexing with CAKE
NEWBOOKS and SHI establish cooperation

SHI and NEWBOOKS have established a cooperation. Together we are developing an application for adding keywords and subject classifications automatically to bibliographic metadata.

Optimisation of keywords and subject classifications by using CAKE (Cloud Automated Keyword Extraction) enable publishers, booksellers and service providers in the publishing industry to make publications more discoverable and to increase sales.

Joint development of CAKE

The cooperation provides for an extensive partnership for the development of an application which allows automised keywording. In a second step, the application is expanded with additional features such as the analysis of the display of keywords and subject classifications on relevant online booksellers' platforms, the integration of external data and vocabularies, the monitoring of platforms as well as dynamic keyword allocation are planned. This is to expand the tool into a metadata dashboard.

Both partners bring their expertise to the joint CAKE project:

NEWBOOKS Solutions has more than 15 years of experience with the enrichment of metadata - next to to numerous software projects and products. This resulted in the NEWBOOKS keyword index, which forms the content basis for the development of CAKE. Specialist and academic publishers use these and many other services; the NEWBOOKS catalogues now contain more than 3 million publications.

SHI brings its expertise in search and analytics technologies to the development of the application. The Augsburg-based consulting and software company has been helping its customers to discover connections in data and to find their way through the flood of data for more than 25 years. At CAKE, the developers rely on their experience with the Solr search platform.

“We are pleased that we have found an experienced partner in SHI which brings extensive expertise in search technologies and the detection of data connections to the development of the application CAKE. This enables us to offer our customers a holistic digital solution with which they can further optimise and expand the visibility and sales of front- and backlist titles”, says Moritz Hodde, Managing Director of NEWBOOKS Solutions.

Michael Marheineke, member of the SHI board, adds: “Together with NEWBOOKS Solutions we are making the optimisation of metadata easier and more efficient. The aim is to use CAKE to extract relevant keywords almost in real time and to let clients retrieve the enrichments in larger quantities and to integrate them seamlessly into their own systems and relevant platforms".

The new service will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

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