Delivros Orell Fuessli - Approval Plan
New Approval Plan System for Delivros Orell Fuessli

For the Swiss B2B service provider Delivros Orell Fuessli, NEWBOOKS Solutions has set up a new Approval Plan Premium system to generate automated order proposals.

NEWBOOKS offers library suppliers such as Delivros Orell Fuessli an Approval Plan System for generating automated order proposals. This allows topic-specific new title selections in the provider's corporate design - with a large range of functions such as a convenient OPAC alignment feature - to be made available. Orders are automatically imported into the library supplier's ERP system.

The system offers

  • Order proposals for all subject areas (NEWBOOKS subject headings)
  • Administration of order profiles
  • Process automation
  • Rights and role management
  • Order code and cost center management
  • OPAC alignment using international standards such as Z39.50/SRU
  • Differentiated catalogue search in the NEWBOOKS Catalogues

Relevant library service providers such as ekz and hbz or internationally operating library suppliers such as EBSCO also use the system. The hbz's Approval Plan System even meets the legal requirements for the barrier-free processing of order proposals, as blind acquisitions librarians can also work on the system.

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