MANZ - Website Relaunch
NEWBOOKS launches new online portal for MANZ

NEWBOOKS Solutions has launched a sophisticated web shop and metadata management system for the Austrian market leader MANZ - bookseller, publishing house and MANZ Legal Academy.

The new online portal includes a modern shop system for the bookseller, the academy area "MANZ Legal Academy" and digital solutions for the publishing house MANZ.

Basis for the shop are the NEWBOOKS Catalogues. Moreover, our editorial team classifies and allocates keywords for all publications according to the highly differentiated marketing classification, especially for the legal publications in Austria. The three areas of shop, MANZ Law Academy and the website for the publishing house are linked to one another. For example, conference seats can be ordered via the shop. The publications of speakers at the conference are also displayed and can be ordered. An ONIX compatible editorial system allows for extensive marketing campaigns done by the MANZ team itself.

The titles of MANZ Verlag are also maintained in an ONIX-compatible manner via the editorial system and automatically sent to all data recipients of the publishing house in the standard format ONIX.

All existing MANZ offers such as the "RDB Legal Database", the "MANZ infoDienste" and the "Steuerexpress" online portal have been integrated into the completely revised online presence.

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