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Press Releases

New Journal Database from NEWBOOKS Solutions
COLOGNE – Available now are editorially maintained product data for journals as catalogue data exports or as licensed data within the NEWBOOKS’ eProcurement system ‘’.
NEWBOOKS Solutions to Sponsor Publishers’ Forum 2019
COLOGNE – New perspectives, reorganization, implementation – these are the key guiding principles in publishing in 2019. NEWBOOKS Solutions organizes a workshop on the topic „Dynamic Keyword Optimization“.
Automated Delivery of eBook copies to the German National Library
COLOGNE – NEWBOOKS Solutions offers publishers to deliver eBook copies (‘electronic publications’) and related bibliographic information to the German National Library automatically.
NEWBOOKS Solutions acquires
COLOGNE – Libri hands over its eProcurement platform for corporate booksellers and library suppliers to NEWBOOKS Solutions – Academic and professional publishers are invited to list their titles with "".
Publishers' Forum 2017 on 24 and 25 April: Strategic Orientation – NEWBOOKS Solutions ONIX 3.0 workshop
COLOGNE – The business segments and approaches in publishing companies are highly individual. But we can learn plenty about the current challenges and approaches to mastering them from one another.
Metadata Services and Software: Visibility, Automated Marketing, Broad Coverage
COLOGNE – By merging the development and management of data optimization, IT processes, and marketing you’ll be working efficiently and achieving a high level of visibility for your products.
Smart Data Workshop at the future!publish 2017
COLOGNE – Transform data volume, variety, and velocity into sound business decisions and effective customer communication. NEWBOOKS Solutions is organizing a Smart Data workshop at the future!publish.
New Title Service for Publishers - Send new title alerts to customers using automatically generated newsletters
COLOGNE – Based on regularly updated NEWBOOKS title data, benefit now from the NEWBOOKS new title service for publishers, including full newsletter functionality!
NEWBOOKS Solutions to Sponsor Publishers’ Forum
COLOGNE – The conference will cover the most important topics and debates in publishing in Berlin on 24 and 25 April. NEWBOOKS Solutions will add its expertise and proven solutions to the agenda.
A New Books Catalogue in 3D - Experiencing and Discovering Books in a Virtual World
COLOGNE – A 3D new books catalog developed by NEWBOOKS Solutions CIO and iucon CEO Björn Stude provided visitors to the book fair with the unique experience of discovering books in a virtual world.

Product Information

Web Development
Web & Apps
ONIX Engines
ONIX Tools
E-Procurement for Booksellers & Publishers
Metadata Services
Integration of New Titles & Metadata Management
New Title Alerts
Alerting Services
NEWBOOKS Catalogues
NEWBOOKS Catalogues
Employee Shops
Employee Shops for Publishers
ONIX Export System
ONIX Export System
ONIX Import System
ONIX Import System
Marketplace Integration
Marketplace Integration / Punchout Catalogues for Booksellers
Metadata Management
Integration of New Titles & Metadata Management
Metadata Supply & Sales Process
Integration & Dissemination
Industry Solution
The Recommendations Reinvention
Industry Solution
VLB-TIX Case Study
Book Catalogue
NEWBOOKS Catalogue
Journal Database
Journal Database
Online Databases
Journal Database & Online Databases
Approval Plan System
Approval Plan System
New Title Newsletter
New Title Service


NEWBOOKS Solutions
Logo package for web and print
Logo package for web and print
System house NEWBOOKS Solutions & iucon
Logo package for web and print

General Information

About NEWBOOKS Solutions
Smart IT solutions - our solutions can help you closely harmonize your business processes, manage increasingly complex operations, make data accessible, minimize risk and effectively control costs.
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