Data Hub

Best-of-Records & Title Editor

The NEWBOOKS Data Hub is a cloud-based application for managing and integrating bibliographic data in real time, e.g. for your web shop, our ERP or other software systems. Maximum data quality for your database is achieved through both field-level data merging and editorially enriching data via a title editor.


Based on your licensed catalogues, rules and conditions for data merging can be created individually and at field level, for example the following rule:

For publishers A, B and C, if titles within the subject “ancient history” are available, use the descriptive texts from data source X, otherwise those from data source Y.

Title Editor

The Data Hub cloud also offers a user-friendly title editor that enables the administration and editorial enrichment of productive database(s) with unique content. As a result, publishers and booksellers offer their customers the added value of unique and information-rich search and order platforms. For example, web shop managers at Sack Fachmedien implement their unique content strategy by adding sales-promoting information to the title data. Simultaneously, the search engine ranking for websites and webshops are optimized.

The Title Editor can be individually adapted to field level for maintenance. An unlimited number of styles can be set up for your Title Editor.

Similar to the Austrian-based publisher and specialist supplier MANZ, our editorial team can alternatively enrich title data with subject classifications and keywords.

Bibliographic Databases

All software systems have been created turnkey ready and are hosted in our data centre.

Best-of-Data Commerce

Tailor-made Solutions for Publishers
and B2B Booksellers

Discover the foundations of your e-commerce with our solutions for shops, payment, sparkling data quality and interfaces. Our DATA HUB and PIM.RED work in the background as a management and shop system that controls all data. Let yourself be inspired by our successful e-commerce projects and benefit from our expertise for your own success.

How we support you

  • Web portals (mobile, shop, SEO, payment, delivery interfaces, data conversion, etc.)
  • Journal websites, content portals (subscription models, subscribers, content interfaces, payments, etc.)
  • Bibliographic Catalogues, journal database, metadata services - marketing classifications and keywords
  • E-procurement and Approval Plan Systems, eLibrary or reading platform INNOLIBRY, individual programming

Support throughout the entire software lifecycle

  • Conception, user stories
  • UX/UI, design
  • Specification (content, technical, etc.)
  • Project management and documentation (product owner, agile, Scrum, KanBan)
  • Programming/implementation
  • Operation/hosting
  • Maintenance, updates/migrations, further development

We have developed tailor-made solutions and built up in-depth industry know-how for publishers and the book trade. We are very familiar with B2B business, our own catalogues for books, journals and online databases, SAP interfaces, ONIX 3.0 and the requirements for the procurement of all sorts of media for companies, libraries and public authorities.

Benefit from the many years of experience of both partners Wirth & Horn and Newbooks Solutions as well as the existing interfaces to CRM and ERP systems, marketing automation and deliveries to optimize your processes and data quality.

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The NEWBOOKS Bibliography

Convenient Search Facility for daily Bookselling Business

NEWBOOKS Bibliography powerfully provides simultaneous search in all relevant bibliographic databases and various suppliers' interfaces by:

  • running queries on wholesaler’s inventories
  • comparing prices
  • placing orders
All software systems have been created turnkey ready and are hosted in our data centre.

Employee Shop for Publishers

Web-based Shop System for In-House Orders

Benefit program for staff members / employer branding option for publishing houses. For the processing of in-house orders in publishing houses - even at outsourced locations - NEWBOOKS has developed a new process-optimized and cost-saving shop system together with LIBRI:

  • Members of staff order all media for themselves at the usual discount.
  • The orders are then bundled and automatically sent to the responsible department within the publishing house and assigned to the respective employees.
  • The orders placed can be billed individually via payroll.
  • LIBRI takes care of both the processing and the precise delivery of in-house orders.
All software systems have been created turnkey ready and are hosted in our data centre.
The web-based is a coherent system that offers many features such as employee’s orders, billing and fulfillment. Since we organise the procurement of all media and connect our payroll accounting system to it, processes are optimised. is highly appreciated by our employees.
Katja Juhrig
Klett Central Services
The employee shop is very popular with our staff and is intensively used - a great service and benefit program for us.
Jens Hagemann
Head of Sales

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